Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Solution

When Chris got home last night we talked about my previous blog.

I asked him if he would ever consider taking my last name. He said no - which suprised me at first. Then he explained that he wanted to keep his own name just like I want to keep my own name. He did not expect me to take on his name at all - which is good because I'm not going to. Then I brought up the question of children and what that would do to their last names. For the time being we came up with the solution of giving any boys his name and any girls my name.

Who knows what the future holds or how many times my mind will change during that time but for now I'm satisfied with this.

Oh - we also contemplated combing our last names.

I just asked two of the guys I worked with what they thought of this. One - a guy Chris's age who has 3 children of his own but has never been married said that he would not take his wife's last name and that all of his children have his last name. That he wants that legacy to be passed on.

The other - a guy my age - said he hadn't really considered it but that he wouldn't dismiss it. He also brought up the idea of combining the last names.

Hmmmm....I think I'll go comtemplate this (or other subjects) since I do nothing....

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Molly said...

Ryan would not take my last name, even though I asked. In fact, he was pretty upset when I told him I wouldn't take his, which surprised me. Up until we got engaged, I thought he would be OK with it, or that I almost had him convinced to take mine into his. We compromised, and I am taking his and keeping mine. The kids will probably have his too, which disappoints me. His point: he said he felt like I was rejecting being in his family if I didn't take his. I suppose the same goes from my camp. I love his family, so it's easy to take his last name; I'll be proud of being one of his names too... I just like my good, Irish last name. German? No, no, I'm Irish, dangit. Oh well. Our kids will (I hope) take my last name as their middle name. Compromise, I guess. Tradition!