Thursday, January 31, 2008

new favorite

check out the song 'gotta have you' by the weepies on my playlist. it's my new favorite.....


no...not that kind of nude ya perv.......sheesh.....

i mean nude as in no-make-up. zero. zilch. notta.

it's something i've thought about many times before - going without make-up. this last time i decided to do something about it. give it up - for an entire month. i even got a co-worker to do it with me (the only difference being that she gets it sit up and away in her cubicle whereas i'm greeting everyone that walks in the door....)

i don't wear a lot of make-up to begin with. eyeliner. mascara. and blush (oh lord how i'll miss my blush stick!) no foundation - the thought of caking something onto my face like that bothers me. i went through the powder faze in highschool - when it was cool to have your compact with you at all times. now i can't stand it. so - i'm not giving it up becuase i think it hogs up too much of my time. i just think it's time that we (women) start thinking of ourselves as naturally beautiful. i don't think there is anything wrong with make-up persay but for some women it is truely a crutch. they will not - unless possibly in need of urgent medical attention - leave the house without it. ever. why is this? do they truely believe that they are ugly without it?

i admit - there are times when i wake up and think - oh hell no - not walking out the door like this. but i want to get over that. that's why i'm doing this - so that by the end up of the month perhaps i'll think i look better without it. i'm happy that darrah (hi!) is doing this with me. she was so concerned and when she came in this morning she looked exactly the same as when she was wearing make-up (minus the sparkle of eyeshadow on her eyes). she looked beautiful!

i'll admit that it was not fun to look in the mirror and see the bareness of my eyes - but i liked it anyhow. and any dislike was quickly outweighed by the fact that i could rub my eyes! think about it - everyone gets that little tickle in their eye at some point during the day. instead of having to carfully not mess up the eyeliner (etc) you can just rub away. it's very liberating! so - feel free to join me if you want. post some self portraits of yourself (mine were taken with my camera phone - hence the quality) and see how your perceptions change over the course of the month.

oh - had to include a picture of the finished hat! i started on one of the orders today :) if you want one let me know :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

cats out....

love this picture

saw this picture on this blog - check it out. i'll post more political stuff tomorrow. i meant to tonight and forgot. and dammit - it's way past 10 - must get to bed........

big white - still missing (!)

big. white. spider! is still missing (!)

chris humored me by looking for the ick as soon as he got home. he even dug out his headlight. i thought it was incredibly cute and sweet :) even minerva joined him in the search. unfortunately the spider is still missing. ah well. i managed to fall asleep just fine......

in other news......

that guy that was supposed to come in and observe me yesterday (the cheeseball who promised to bring me supplies to hand out to patrons along with the phone numbers. the cheeseball who also promised to update this supply box weekly...) - yeah - he didn't show up. didn't call. didn't e-mail. and in doing so proved my point. he's a flake. not that i wanted him to come in the first place but at least it would have been done and over with. now i get to wonder if and when he'll show up. the whole thing is rather dumb - people do not appreciate trapsing into the building expecting a live person only to be handed a number. i can be as sweet as punch but it doesn't cover the fact that they pretty much left me hanging and it's not appreciated......

something more positive? i finished chris's hat. well - all except for the poof ball (or pom-pom - but i prefer poof ball). i had made some finishing touches and had taken the hat to the bathroom to see how it looked in the mirror. while there i ran into a co-worker and she loved it! she asked me to make one for her :) then - as i was leaving - i got another order from her daughter! wahoo! i went to the yarn store right after work and picked up the supplies :)

oh - i was listening to the radio and heard that the John Beargrease marathon had been won (congrats Jason Barron!). i did some peeking around and realized that the team i got pictures of (see the 'fennel toothpaste' post) - ryan anderson's - came in 3rd place :) so congrats to him as well! i was reading and he - along with his brother and sister-in-law have 100 dogs that they've raised since puppies! that's a

alright. the clock is ticking. i want to get up and walk before work (the weight loss challange ends in a month!) and i told myself i'd only do so if i got into bed by 10. so i'm late - but if i hurry i can think i can pull it off :)


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the big white.....


this is my bed (sorry...our bed - aren't the sheets he bought me just so cute?). tonight i took a glorious nap in it. not a care in the world. then i decided to change the sheets before chris got home since we were too sleepy to do so last night. that's when i saw it.....

the big



yes. you heard me. big. white. spider. i'm gently fluffing down the top sheet when i see it scuttle across the bed (on my side) and over the edge. i run over to try and snatch it up with a tissue but it was gone. gone on my side of the bed! i called chris to inform him that i'm not stepping foot into the room until he gets home and finds the ick. if he doesn't....well...i may be sleeping on the couch. or just not sleeping.

over reaction you say? you go to sleep with a big white spider mia on your side of the bed then. ((::shivers::))

Le Sigh.....

today is one of those days....

one of those days where you feel sick but not sick enough to call in. one of those days where the thought of dealing with people ((cough::morons::cough)) seems painful.

one of those days where the e-mails i recieved with the below quotes made me chuckle :)

(e-mail from Kelly)
"Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you can't eat it or hump it...piss on it and walk away"

(e-mail from Vija)
"I don't mind coming to work, but this eight hours of waiting to go home is just bullshit"

i should get back to work. i actually have a lot of stuff to keep me occupied. mainly becuase i have someone coming to sit with me this afternoon. i mentioned in the 'loose lips' blog that i was given a list of phone numbers to hand out to people coming in with various work related questions. the guy who gave me that list is coming in to sit with me for about 2.5 hours today to 'make sure it's going smoothly.' ugh. this man has the personality of used car lot salesman. cheesy. one of those guys. i'd really rather not have him sit in the chair behind me like a lurk while i do busy work. i hope to god he doesn't try to make idle chit-chat. and let's mention the fact that the amount of people coming in (to whom i'll hand out those phone numbers) varies from day to day. one day i could have 30 people come in. the next day 2. today it'll probably be 0. he'll go report to his boss that 'everything is just fine' when it's not. argh.
stupid corporate america hoo-ha. ugh.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Fennel Toothpaste

yes. fennel toothpaste. quite possibly the nastiest thing i've ever heard of.....

but enough of that. like i said - we had a great weekend. even though we got an extremely late start (arriving in duluth at 4pm) it was still a great time. i'm really glad i finally got to meet don and anita - we tried to hatch a solid plan to get chris back up there in a few years :) having them and carrie and steve - why...we'd have friends! (at least friends that in live in the same city or thereabouts) plus don mentioned having game night with drinks - love him already :)

wow - it's already 9pm! chris just finished making dinner (we got a late start tonight. going to the grocery store evidently also meant going shopping at the gap and ae - not that i'm complaining. seeing their cute stuff inspired me to hop on that ellipitical when we got home) so i'm gonna scidaddle and eat. i'll leave you with some (okay...a lot) of pictures from the weekend.


when i grow up....

You Should Be a Social Worker

You are deeply caring and empathetic.

You are able to take on other people's problems as if they were your own.

Sensitive and intuitive, you understand human emotions well.

Helping others gives you the most joy in life. You feel like it's your purpose in life.

You do best when you:

- Have a lot of responsibility

- Greatly impact someone's life with your work

You would also be a good philanthropist or stay at home parent.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Habanero Beer

that's right. habanero beer. mmmmmmmm......sort of.....

chris and i had dinner last night at Hell's Kitchen with his friends Don and Anita. the menu was pretty decent (great sweet potato fries!) and the drink selection was great. don and chris were curious about the spicy beer and asked for a sample. it was good. not hot - just a hint of pepper at the back of the throat. don went with guiness while chris ordered a pint of the special stuff. yeah. the sample was more than enough. once you start drinking a pint it gets to be a little much....

after dinner we headed out to dublin's to play pool. i think that's the first time we've been "out" with another couple in...well..let's just say a looooooong time! it was fun though. i had a great time and look forward to seeing them again (hopefully) soon :) carrie and steve met us for a drink as well. it was great to see them but the new parents were a wee bit tuckered (can't imagine why....) and turned in early. we turned in not too long after - getting old sure is a bitch....

today we headed down to see the start of the 25th Annual John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon. i remember going to see this once in highschool but this time it was better. i was closer and we had a camera (i'll post the pictures tomorrow). i love seeing all the dogs in their little footies :)

later we headed over to see carrie and the baby. i just got to sit and hold the little one for about 2 hours and it was wonderful! (tick tock tick tock) it was times like that i really miss living in duluth (well - i miss it every time we go up for a visit...). being able to just go over and say hi and hang out. plus now with the baby - i could just go over and sit and hold her all the time....

alright - i'll post more about the weekend tomorrow. right now it's late. i'm tired. we're tired. it's sleepy time..........

Saturday, January 26, 2008

just in cases......

chris i should be in duluth as i type this. but....we are the king and queen of late starts. well...i suppose if left to his own devices chris would always be on time. me on the other hand? i'm hard to get up in the mornings.....

anyhow. as i write this we still have yet to shower, wrap, pack, and get out the door. perhaps i should be working on one of those instead of blog blog blogging (as chris calls anything i do on the computer).

later gators.....

Friday, January 25, 2008


saw this in a friend's blog and gave it a go...

What's Your Best Quality?
Your Result: Personality

Your best quality is your personality! People like you because you are an all around good person. You have good manners and values. You also like to express your personal style and interests.

Sense of Humor
What's" Your Best Quality?
Take'>">Take More Quizzes

Loose Lips

ah friday. how i love thee.....

today was good. my stuffy snotty leaky-faucet-of-a-nose is finally clearing up. (wahoo!) and (as sexy as it may seem) i'm sure chris will appreciate being able to kiss me without having a kleenex protruding out of my nostril.

at work a few new developments occured. the girl to whom i normally send all work related inquires up to is being transferred to a new location (or fired - not sure which). this means that i will now have to deal with all the people (aka morons) coming in the door. i know what you're thinking - shouldn't i be doing this anyhow - i am the receptionist after all.'s complicated. i'm a sort-of receptionist. a poser. i didn't even get a performance review because there is no job description for my position. in the words of my boss 'what am i supposed to critique you on? how many hats and scarves you've made?' so yeah. a guy came in and gave me a list of numbers to give people coming in. we'll see how it goes.....

after work i got my bangs trimmed. i went to a new place. as much as i love the $5 bang trim the other place offered i was not willing to risk 'poofy-claw-bangs' again. (i swear - they whip those thinning shears and go to town before you've even had time to open your mouth in protest!) so i shelled out a bit more but am really happy. in fact - this is the best bang trim i've gotten thus far. it has a certain bit of funk. i like it. and i got the eyebrows waxed. thank god - they were getting scary...

and now i think i'll return to the couch and try to finish chris's hat. we're going to duluth tomorrow and it'd be nice if he had it to wear. i've gotten a lot done in just the little bit of time i worked on it at work.

oh....the juno soundtrack. first of all - if you have not seen this movie. do so. very good. i wish i had been like that in highschool. not pregnant - just spunky. but the soundtrack! i am self proclaimed movie soundtrack addict. love them. in fact - 5 seconds into the movie i turned to chris and told him i wanted the soundtrack. and you know what - he bought it for me! a suprise :) (i really don't think he has any imperfections...) i love it. love it. i have the song 'loose lips' stuck in my head as i write...

okay. off to the knitting.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Too Cute :)

minerva decided to plop herself down beside me while i crocheted. she conked out nose first into the couch :)


i just got back from the dentist. my mouth hurts.

this appointment was to set in place my permanent crown. when i sat down they told me that they don't do novacaine. (uhhh...excuse moi? pass that by me again?) i told them that i would prefer to have it and so they gave it to me. perhaps it was out of spite at having asked for it or perhaps his aim was off but the the area they worked on did not get numb. instead - the entire right side of my tongue is beyond numb as are the right halves of my lips. but not the tooth area. nope. not at all. felt everything they did. still do. and it hurts :(

not only that but my nose is raw. that hurts too. hmph.

oh - update on the previous post. i stupidly decided the finish the hat at work. i knew i should have waited until i got home where i wouldn't be distracted and in such a rush (to finish it before i left for the dentist). and i paid for it. the hat is..well...too big. granted chris has yet to try it on but yeah. too big. i'll wait to make a final judgment until he gets home but i think i may end up having to start it over. ah well - practice makes perfect, right?

and that's all for now. i'm going to change into comfy clothes and rest. i'm stuffed up and sore and feel like doing nothing :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I can Knit!

chris wanted me to make him a hat.

he picked out some yarn. the yarn just happened to match the scarf that mandy made him for christmas last year. the scarf that she knitted. because i am slightly ocd i decided that the hat must be knitted so as to match the scarf. so we picked out a pattern....

the pattern called for 5 needles! 5! i decided to brave it though. unfortunately i got the wrong size dpn (double pointed needles) and the yarn i had was too thick for it. so i ended up finding another pattern that started from the bottom up and gave me time to go get the correct size dpn. after some help from D (resident volunteer greeter / knitter) and some other co-workers the hat is lookin' pretty gosh darn good. the tricky part was learning the dpn method (which i'll have to use tomorrow when i finish up the top of the hat) and also learning how to attatch the other ear flap....

i must say that i'm rather impressed with myself after having only knitted one (horrific) baby blanket and one scarf. so there ya go Carrie - your teaching me how to knit has not gone to waste :)

ain't he just so cute?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


just heard about this and it made me sad......


being sick stinks

Monday, January 21, 2008


i had a whole laundry list of things to blog about. that was before we sat down to watch the kingdom. it scared the shit out of me. and as a result the laundry list seems rather whiny and pathetic.
a small post it shall be. if you haven't seen this movie i would put it on your list. that's my opinion.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Book Club

today was my first ever book club! and while we didn't spend much time discussing the the actual book (the year of yes by maria dahvana headley - a book i still have to actually finish) it was still a great time :)

i miss having that 'girl time.' just sitting around and chatting about anything and everything. nibbling on snacks. having a drink. it's very relaxing and in my opinion needs to happen more often! (stop by any time ladies - especially you Chris - we live close together :)) i got to see kelly who i have not seen since my birthday (the day she found out she was pregnant!)! it was a little depressing to see that her pregnant belly is still smaller than my non-pregnant belly....but i'm working on it. i'm so excited for her though - and can't wait to make a ton of fun baby related things :) speaking of - molly brought along two books full of great knitted toys. hopefully one day i'll be able to make them. right now i'm trying to attempt the knitting with 4 needles thing and it's seems entirely too complicated..but i know i can master it.

alright. that is all. i am currently suffering from severe stomach cramps. yes - i know you were all dying to know that :) i had cramps in my dreams last night. kind of the like when you have to pee in your sleep and you keep dreaming that you have to pee but can't? anyone? (maybe that's just me). so i woke up and took 2 midol (which had never worked for me before so i took advil then a friend gave me a midol and it worked like a miracle so i started taking it. now it sucks again). nothing. i took another. nothing. but for some reason i woke up an hour later feeling really sick - like i'd over medicated. 6 hours later i took another. still notta. well - the cramps are better but i just feel plain sick. bleck.
so yeah - i'm gonna go lay down........

Saturday, January 19, 2008

i could use some adderall....


i got up this morning and worked out right away. yay! then - due to the fact that is it currently butt-fucking-cold (what would you call 15 below?) outside i had planned to sit around all day in comfy pj's and try and finish the last of the christmas presents. good idea, right?

i had to go in the 2nd bedroom to get the supplies. that's where it started to go downhill. the room is a mess. i promised chris i'd clean it a long time ago. so i set aside the crafting and decided to clean. but i can't focus. there is just too much stuff!
i tried sorting things into piles. books here. cd's here. pictures here. etc. not working. there isn't even enough room to make piles! i have so many things that need a shelf - a place to display it. we have just one bookshelf. it's driving me nuts. i cannot put this all away when i have nowhere to put it! i'm sick to fuck of having it all stuffed away in boxes. why have it? argh! i find something and think oh this would look great in this room - but oh yeah - i'll have to set it on the floor becuase we have no shelves!

sorry. you know when you're brain just feels like it's going to explode becuase it cannot process more than one thing for 2 seconds at a time? the room needs to be cleaned. don't have a place to put it. the christmas presents need to get finished but i feel guilty just sitting on my ass to do it. the kitchen needs to be cleaned. i need to shred a ton of stuff. laundry needs to be done. the litter box needs to be cleaned. bills need to be paid. i should probably eat at some point. perhaps shower. or maybe i should workout some more. i need a storage container for the wrapping paper. tired of looking at that. how is possible that we that many cd's and mine aren't even over here yet? must remember to send thank you notes that are now incredibly late. have to buy stamps before i can do that. must remember to start 401k. and switch banks. and open up an IRA. what is this? i don't remember having this?

now you see why the title is appropiate. i would like some adderall....but i'm not even sure that would help. a magician would be better. or a carpenter - with a charitable frame of mind who desires nothing more than to help me out. yes. that would nice. anyone?

sigh. i litterally just am sitting here staring/thinking about all of the above mentioned and am clueless about where to start. i start one think about another and start that until i'm just spinning and doing nothing.


Friday, January 18, 2008


i would like to knit a hat. a hat for chris. a hat with earflaps.

i have no idea how to do this.

what are double pointed needles?

why must i use four needles (how do you even do that???) instead of just knitting on the round with circular needles?

my brain and eyes are sore from searching the web for answers to these questions and looking at hat patterns. if you have answers - or can find a cute pattern please please pass it along :)

thank you :)

Super Happy

i want this book.

mandy (chris's sis-in-law) got it for christmas from her hubby and the patterns inside are awesome. so so so cute.

i know i've done a supreme amount of bitching lately about my complete lack of funds but it isn't that expensive. perhaps i could purchase it? but how to justify it......

i could make some cute gifts for people (or sell).

i'll think about it while i go bust by butt. speaking of busting butts the ladies who started this whole weight loss challange brought in the scale to work today. not because we've reached the end of the compitition but to see who exactly our competition is. i have stayed the same (boo! - but on the plus side i'm losing inches which is even better in my opinion. the weight loss will follow). one lady gained 9 pounds! i felt bad for her but inside went 'yes!'. mean? probably -but i could use that $200 and some prize.....

oh - if you any of you have some across cute and unique knitting/croteching books out there let me know :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fixing a Hole

okay. i'm not really fixing a hole. it was just the song that was playing as i signed in to my blog. and it made me feel a little better. which is a good thing.

i really have no idea why i am so cranky today. it's like a switch flipped this morning and BAM - crankiness.

didn't want to go to work. didn't want to see/speak to/deal with/work for/be around people. at all. when i got off work i made myself work out. i figured it would help. it did until it got interrupted by some other girl who thought that it was her turn to use the eliptical. sorry no. my turn. so i went to the grocery store to get a few things we needed. lately they've gotten rid of those handy little baskets. (damn you CUB) i didn't want to push around a whole cart for the few items i was getting. little did i realize that i'd have to stand there juggling 3 packages of crackers, 2 juice bottles, and a tub of sherbert waiting for a bunch of morons to figure out how to use the self check out. it's not that hard. and if you cannot do it then save the sanity of the rest of us and use the regular check out. ah! at that point i found it hard to hide the look of disgust on my face and probably pissed a few people off with my 'look.' like i care. piss off.

it's just one of those days. one of those days where you really could care less if you're being a whiny brat. really could care less if someone out there has it worse off than you. all you care about is the fact that you're pissy and would just like everyone to get out of your way or disapear. ya know? sigh...

i'm trying to perk up and 'fix that hole' but it's really hard. i'm going to go do the eliptical now that it's free. perhaps that'll help. if not i'm just going to make myself a strong drink and watch 'true life' on mtv. hmph.

(oh - the whole day wasn't bad. i did get to talk to carrie. that was good. i miss her though. perhaps chris will want to make the drive up there next weekend)

hope your day was better.

I'm Cranky.

very cranky indeed.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008


yes. that would be my mouth (and my crazy lookin' eyeball). that would also be my temporary crown. ain't it just so darn puuurty?

i was pretty nervous going to the dentist today but was worried for nothing. the whole procedure was completely painless - for which i was very grateful. although the numbness has yet to wear off - and when it does the dentist said my gums would be tender. ouch. so i popped an ib profen just to be on the safe side.

i was pleased (well - pleased would be the wrong word i suppose) to find out that my bill was only $800. i can't believe i just said only $800 (for a tooth). better than the $1200 i had heard some people quote. i still don't have my new dental insurance information so they let me pay half with the promise to call as soon as i recieved my card. hmmm...this was just the temporary crown though. perhaps the next appointment will cost even more making the total about $1200? ohhh sadness....

((DEAR GOD WILL THE PERSON WHO'S CAR ALARM IS GOING OFF DIRECTLY BELOW ME PLEASE TURN IT OFF. BEEP-BEEP BEEP-BEEP! why do people even get car alarms. hello idiot - hearing it go off does not make us want to call the cops to prevent a crime. it makes us want your car to get stolen and you to get pelted.))

anyhow. after the dentist we stopped the grocery store to pick up soft foods. instant mashed potatoes. real potatoes. hummus. pudding. ice-cream. i don't want anything to happen to this temp causing yet another appointment. it must last until next thursday.

in other news. the co-worker of mine who's shower was supposed to be today was cancelled. mind you we still ate all the food that was brought in but the mom-to-be was absent. she checked into the hospital on monday night and is still there. dehydration and a few other problems. i'm pretty sure she's going to be just fine but keep her in your thoughts. i know she is not coming back to work. even if she tries - we're gonna kick her out :)

alright - that's all my news. i'm off to watch tv/crochet until i can feel my tongue/lips/jaw/ again. then perhaps i'll have some mashed potatoes. cheesy ones. then some ice-cream with bailey's on top. mmmmmmm.......(what weight loss challange??)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

you just cannot be serious....

commercials are rather stupid at times (to say the least)....

take this television ad for Lunesta (a sleep aid). the first ones i saw warned of drowsiness being a side effect. really?

this one tonight really got me though. it actually said 'in cases of walking or driving while asleep consult your doctor immidiately.' oh yes - thank you. as soon as i wake up from plowing my car into a tree (because i was alseep) and provided i don't die in the process (or kill anyone else) i'll be sure and call my doctor (who proscribed me this wacky meds) right away.


and with that i am off to sleep. non- medicated sleep.

Lost and Stuffed '07 : Day......

......oh who even knows anymore. at some point during our vacation we went to the Cincinnati Zoo (the best zoo ever). i went there a ton as a child and have really fond memories of it so i was really excited to get to share it with chris. i don't think he was as excited as i was - but he really like it :)

you know how when you go to the zoo and you end up with a ton of animal pictures? well unless you have a camera (and skills) like molly than they probably aren't art do you do with all of them? well - chris and i decided to avoid that by sticking our head (or in some cases my ass) into virtually every single animal shot. it was a ton of fun and we still love to look through the pictures. so the next time your at a zoo.. :)

oh. i want to enjoy the rest of my evening and as a result will not be posting commentary by the pictures. the spacing and the fonting would drive me batty. so if you desperately need to know the story behind a picture just ask :)