Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chick Pea

chick pea boberg

i got a text message from my friend Carrie today....it said 'guess what?'

i knew immediately that she was pregnant! :)

we exchanged a few more texts and then some e-mails filled with phrases like 'Eeeeeeeeeee' and lots of 'SO's :) I even resorted to an 'OMG'!

needless to say i am Super excited and well...SO happy for her and steve!

it's strange to think that only 9 months ago we were both working a job neither of us was very into - wondering when things would fall into place - and look at her now! she is married and making movies and having a baby! i must admit that i am jealous!

everywhere i have gone today i see babies and more babies! i never believed in that whole biological clock but now.......

anyhow - i just wanted to share this news :) her sister just gave birth to triplets and now a new little one is on the way! i best take out my knitting needles! :)

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Molly said...

Eep! So exciting! Are you going to be a fairy godmother? :)