Friday, November 30, 2007

My Life by Google Image

i came across this "meme" at this site and then again at this site. so - seeing as how i actually have lots to blog about but don't feel like using too much it goes...

1. Age at next birthday: 28

hey - i live there!

2. Place I would like to travel: Anywhere (with Christopher)

cheesy i know...but true :)

3. My Favorite Place: Home

4. My Favorite Objects: Yarn and Kitties

i know kitties aren't really objects but since i just got them back today...they're on the brain

5. Favorite Food: Anything I don't have to cook

i have no idea what this has to do with what i typed...

6. My Favorite Color: Red, Black and White

and it's true..i'm not...
7. My Nickname: Michelle My Belle

i know this is always the first image that pops into my head when i hear that song....what?!

8. The Place I was born: Isn't it just obvious??

9. Ideal Date: Dinner, Drinks and Monopoly

is my dorkiness not obvious?

10. Where you hope to be in 5 years: Happy

so that's how it's done!

now you do the same. simply type in your answers to Google Image Search and pick a pic from the first page of results :)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Albus & Minerva

in honor or the kitties arrival tomorrow i thought i'd dedicate a blog to them :)
(that and i'm avoiding that thing called unpacking....)

in case you didn't know - albus is the black kitty and minerva is the grey and white (with a hint of peach) tabby. the pictures go in chronological order starting out here with albus whom i adopted when he was 6 months old. the lady at the shelter told me he was a handful but i was in love and he seemed calm to me....

...turns out i was wrong - he was a wild one :) albus has a fascination with all things pertaining to his mouth. as you can see he likes to stick out his tongue :) he's also a bit ocd and those first few months would lick everything including the floor, walls, furniture, the litter box, toilet, hair, you, clothes - you name it and he licked it. i thought something might be wrong with him so i took him a few different vets....

the vet told me to get another cat - a playmate to distract him from his odd obsession. another cat? me? of course! i knew i wanted a baby kitten and waited and waited until 'kitten season' as the shelter calls it. i went - saw minerva - and knew i wanted her but the lady in charge made me play with her for 15 minutes just to be sure. i brought her home and kept them apart - luckily i had glass doors so they could check each other out without actually having contact. albus was extremely curious.....

minerva was SO tiny! those first few night she would crawl up and sleep right by my head and nip at my nose and fingers - adorable!

i finally introduced the two and they got along great! albus - although he was much larger was intimidated by his new friend. minerva's first meal at the 'big kid bowl' was funny - albus just sat and watched her. i thought he might try and shove her out of the way but he didn't. instead (from this picture it seems) he just gave up on her ever finishing and decided to start knawing on the bag itself! :)

albus hates water. minerva likes it. these pictures were taken from the first (and last) time she decided to shower with me :) now she prefers to sit in the sink with a slight drizzle running down her back. i absolutely adore these pictures!

while albus may not like water he loves to lay on his back - belly up. i've never really known a cat to lie like this until him. he also loves to play fetch. he'll get the toy you throw and trot back to you with it in his mouth and drop it into your hand. perhaps he thinks he's a dog?

he also loves his carrier - or he did until minerva showed her extreme distaste for it. then he decided that perhaps cats weren't supposed to like it. he used to nap in it. jump right in it. minerva on the other hand has to be held at the and front and back paws and dropped in backwards....

i swore i'd never be that pet owner - the kind that dresses their animals up for their own amusement. but the costumes were only a buck on clearence at Old Navy - i had to! albus could care less - running around in his bat wings. minerva on the other hand just sat there frozen and eventually toppled over. she did manage to get up and limp over to the corner and tried to hide her head in shame. poor baby.....

and yes - i did buy christmas costumes. i'm bad i know.....

in short - i love my cats! despite the fact that i've been an absent mother lately i'm incredibly excited to have them back for good! i hope they like their new home!

oh - had to include this video of minerva watching tyra.


i'm not cranky today - well - as cranky. i'm just...well...'meh'.......

perhaps it's becuase it's that time. perhaps it's because i feel like an overblown balloon. perhaps it's because my face is breaking out. perhaps. perhaps. perhaps......

i know it'll pass. i'm just overly sensitive right now - so be nice or i might cry. perhaps there is something to that little thing called pms that i've always dismissed. hmph.

right now i'm just going to concentrate on zombieing my way through the day knowing that in exactly 6 hours and 35 minutes my 3 day weekend will begin. at this time tomorrow morning i will be home and awaiting my dads arrival - he's bringing my babies :)

so there ya go....meh....

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


today is just one of those days. bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh.....

the kind where the dumbest little things want to make you pull your hair out and spit. or cock your head sideways and stick out your tongue at someone.....either way....


a company this large should have a computer server that functions at a pace faster than roadkill.

i've said it once and i'll say it again - christmas is just that - Christmas. Chanukah is Chanukah. etc. etc. when you have window decorations that have a penguin dressed in a santa hat with a red and white scarf and a candy cane it should be called a CHRISTMAS decoration and not a "holiday" decoration. i know not one Jewish person who would use this decor to celebrate Chanukah. i also do not know one Jewish person who is offended that we call that decorated pine tree a Christmas tree instead of a "holiday" tree. i'm all for making people feel included but that's just plain dumb, am i wrong? say 'Happy Holiday's!' to people - that's great! but call the damn decorations what they are for crying out loud.

i cannot stand people who do not flush the toilet when they're done. if you can't flush it then don't use the damn toilet. go outside in the bush.

woman - you do not come with a penis and therefore you should not pee on the toilet seat (nor should men but at least i can semi understand it - although seriously - it's NOT a fire hose - control it)! i just do not realize how they do this! if you scared to sit on the seat and spray - have the decency to clean up your mess - or once again - go outside in the bush.

when someone smiles at you and says hi - at least acknowlege them.

if you are dumb enough to use your hair dryer in the tub, reheat your pizza in it's box in your oven, smoke, or use a screwdriver that's on to scratch your nose - you deserve the consequenses and should not be allowed to sue. you're dumb.

if you cannot make a turn going over 5 mph or drive over 20 mph than you should have your driving license taken away.

if you think you're question might be stupid (and trust me - it is) than you should probably wait until after the meeting to ask it so as not to make your co-workers sit and suffer through it as well.

does one city really need 2 stations to play around the clock christmas music? no.

alright - back to work.

p.s. thank for all your kitty litter suggestions :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

why walk when you can LEAP

i would have posted last night but the cable internet guys arrived after the office closed and therefore they could not get into the cable room. hopefully they'll be back tonight before it closes again. hmph.

in reference to the title - i like to be different. i like to make a grand entrance. so instead of walking into the front door of the new apartment building i leaped. well....i tripped.

everything i was holding went sprawling and i skidded across the rug. OW! both of my legs are all scuffed up. one required an extra large bandage and it hurts like a son of a.....OW! and to make matters worse chris and a co-worker were still moving things in - i was rather useless. all the bandages were packed in who knows where. then we had to wait for the pokey internet people. finally - about 3 hours later - we managed to get to Target and get some bandages and antiseptic spray stuff (that made the pain even worse....) sigh.... i'm dumb.

i almost fell again later that night but luckily managed to catch myself. good god.

so that was my night :) other than that - we have most of the stuff in. few more trips to make. hopefully i can get it straightened before Friday when my dad arrives with the kitties :)

speaking of cats - i have a question about litter for you cat owners. have any of you used the flushable kind? i also saw this box of litter at Trader Joe's - says it's a one month supply and that the pee doesn't clump but rather dissovles into the crystal littler. So then you could just scoop and flush the poo I guess. I just hate the idea of putting litter into plastic bags and then having them end up in a landfill, ya know? Any advice?

alright - i suppose i should get back to work :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Knit Five, Purl One....oh $#!%

fixing crochet mistakes is WAY easier than fixing knitting mistakes. i'm trying to learn but it's difficult. luckily the volunteer greeter today is also a fantastic knitter and extremely patient!

this scarf has been started over about 5 times now and i'm praying that this latest mistake can be fixed and i can finish it!

ay yi yi yi yi yi!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Teddy Bear: Part 3

meet carter's bear :)

that's right - i finished him!! i must say i'm pretty pleased - although next time i'll sew the arms on a bit higher as his next looks very long. ah well. he's cute, right?

i knitted a scarf to go along with him :)

and now i'm really going to get back to the laundry/crocheting. although bed sounds so much better! i think i'm coming down with the flu or something. my whole body is aching and i'm sore. my stomach feels icky. my throat is sore. my head aches. blech. :( i just took some meds and am going to town on the throat lozenges so hopefully they'll all kick in soon....


if i forgot to mention it - chris and i are moving. tomorrow. not very far - just down the road in fact as he still has to be able to make those fire calls. it'll be nice though - a bigger place - two bedrooms, two bathrooms and of course my babies (albus and minerva) will be joining us (next weekend).

i would like to say we've been packing but i'd be lying. in fact - as i sit here blogging chris is packing packing packing. it's all his stuff and he knows where it is and where it goes so i think i'd be more of an annoyance to the whole process. so i'm (blogging) doing the laundry and crocheting - gotta finish those christmas presents!!

tomorrow he and a friend will move on the big stuff so technically this is our last night at this place. exciting but also sad. of course i'm the worlds largest sap - so of course i'll miss it. not that's stellar but just the memories - ya know? and i'm kinda bummed that i forgot the take pictures of the place before it was packed up and covered in boxes.....

we got our keys to the new place last night. first thing i noticed was new carpet (wahoo!) - i was very excited about that. lots of closet space. corner unit. good location. we were happy :) also - the office lady told us that we can pick two accent walls and they'll paint them! we're going to pick them tomorrow when we have the furniture there and such. they have a nice array of colors - blues, beiges, greens, and reds. i'm partial to the cranberry red myself - my friend Brant's mom always painted her living room that color and i loved it. it makes the room feel so warm and it'll go nicely with the couch. so there ya go....

alright - i'll post more tomorrow! :)

Argh (to infinity)

so you may have noticed (or not) that i didn't post yesterday - screwing up the whole NaBloPoMo thing.....

it wasn't a bad day or a hectic day. i sat down at the end of it to blog and tried getting this one little picture i had taken to show up in one of the programs i have to crop and photoshop it etc....

the program would show it in the 'to be imported' section. i would click 'import'. the picture would NOT show up - anywhere. it was driving me up the wall. i may have over reacted. okay i did. hard to believe i know. but when you spend over x amount on a fancy computer and it won't do something as simple as import a photograph it really starts to piss me off. luckily chris was around (although i'm sure he would rather have been elsewhere) and the computer did not go sailing out the window.

instead we went to bed. i woke up and deleted said program from computer. i reinstalled it afresh and low and behold it still will not recognize that dinky picture.

i am not a technologized person and therefore dealing with it sometimes causes my blood pressure to rise...a lot. although i have no idea where i got this temper of mine ((


Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

i spent most of black friday at work - wahoo! some of my co-workers actually got up this morning at 4am! crazies......

i hadn't planned on doing any shopping myself but as the day wore on and i heard about more and more deals i just had to go and take a peek....

yeah...that "peek" cost me more than i planned. now (after i finish this post) i'll go search through the bags and see what needs to be returned :)

but really - how can you pass up on movies when they cost $3.98? that's cheaper than renting them! i only have one more shopping trip to do tomorrow (besides the returns) and that's to the yarn store - i have a great coupon and i have to use it, right?

oh! i have one more thing to add to my 'thankful for' list: i am thankful that i no longer work in retail. i saw the looks of the workers - even though they were polite and smiled you could see it in their eyes that they wanted to wonk you over the head with something....(tis why i never listened to my mother when she nagged me to get a job at kohls. i would have gone insane)

and with that - it's time to show chris the loot (he's very excited :))

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gobble Gobble

today i am thankful for......
my family
my friends
holiday themed underpants
homeade mashed potatoes
and much much much more.......
Hope you all had a Fantastic THANKSGIVING!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Missing Bangs....

i got bored and played around with the tint function.....

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like....

oh shit - i did not just start singing a christmas song.......

today it snowed. not just little insignificant flakes - but snow that resulted in stickage. not a lot but stickage nonetheless. i specifically asked god to not let this happen until after we moved but he must hear like the hairdresser. darn that god......never listens.....

this was taken on my way home from work. you can't see the flakes but they're there. hmph.
ugh. i have a headache from wearing a headband all day. i took it off but the result was not pretty. i have company coming over soon but they'll just have to deal with the ugly amelie.
speaking of company i should probably get some things straightened up around here and the snacks ready. it'll be night with mia and vija (hi!), wine, food and don't forget the crocheting! :)
oh - HAPPY (early) THANKSGIVING! :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Don't Cry Dawson....

i know my haircut looks awful but it'll grow out - i promise....
i hope....(soon...)
a trim. a trim. i went in for a trim and left looking like a not cute version of amelie.
my bangs have been driving me insane the past few weeks. they were so long they were covering my eyes - yet still poking them. i finally went in to get a trim. i told the lady - keep em like they are (rounded down at the sides - not straight across) and to not go above the eyebrow. evidently she didn't hear the 'NOT' they are at least a quarter inch above my eyebrows - which may not seem like a lot but when your talking about a space the size of a forehead it's a mile. they are cut straight across. and did i mention the layering? it's AWFUL!
thank god for headbands! argh.....
it just kinda topped my day i guess. not that i had a particulary bad day. i don't know. it started out very crabby. i got into work and had to deal with morons right off the bat. they come in for classes everyday. i don't know where they come from but for the most part they are all just dumb as rocks - well - i don't want to insult the rocks.....
girl walks in.
she looks right at me.
then she lets her gaze drift over to the waiting room (where there is absolutely no one). she looks extremely confused.
she then decides that since i'm the only actual person around that perhaps she should approach me. she looks at me with face of utter confusion that says 'why i am here?' 'how did i get here?' 'where am i?' 'who am i?'
after a few more seconds of this she finally manages to utter 'i'm here for...ummm...for...a class(?)...i can't think of the name....'
day after day after day after day after day they come. they obviously got themselves up. they drove themselves there - or managed to take the bus there - yet they have absolutely no clue why the fuck they're there! really? honestly? how fucking dumb are you? i never fails to just boggle my mind - these people drive me up the wall......
now i'm crabby again just thinking about having to deal with them all tomorrow. and they're there taking classes that might potentially have an impact on someone's life - i pray it's not mine!
alright. i'm to try and style the bad bangs and get some rest before tomorrow's 'march of the morons'..................

Monday, November 19, 2007

Out of Commission

today i was royally sick...and royally sucked butt.

and to make matters worse my hearing is still fucked up! it usually clears up after a bought of vertigo and no such luck this time. maybe by morning....

speaking of morning i think i'm going to go crawl back into bed.


oh - but while on the topic of sickness - i remembered to sign up for health insurance!!!! wahoo! aren't ya'll just so proud? :)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Teddy Bear: Part 2

slowly but surely i'm making some progress....
tomorrow comes the body and hopefully some arms and legs. then i still have 2 more to make! yikes! i best get a move on, eh?
other than crocheting crocheting crocheting i spent the day having lunch with Chris, his brother Nathan, his wife Mandy and Aunt Fran - it was good. I had some awesome cinnamon raisin pancakes. then we stopped into to see Mandy at work - she works here. i started buying these zipper pulls (i'm not sure how many zipper pulls one needs but i have plenty) - they are super cute. i got one awhile ago - one of the rare ones (you don't know what one you're going to get when you buy it. it's a suprise which is partially why they are so addictive). so today i bought another and gave it to chris - low and behold it was the exact same rare one as me! so now we have matching pulls - as you can imagine he was thrilled :)
alright - chris is harrassing me to get off the computer ('stop blog blog blogging' as he calls it) so he can finish up some work.

Teddy Bear: Part 1

i think i mentioned that i'm trying to work on some teddy bears for some little ones in my family? no? well i am : ) and this is how far i've gotten.....
if you're interested in the pattern you can find it here...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

He LOVES Goldfish!

can't you tell??
today was rather laid back - and that was nice. it's been awhile since chris and i have been both home and had no real plans. i woke up insanely late though due to those damned meds i take for my ears. since our vacation it's been this way - i take one and not only does it knock me out for the night but also the next day. it was a chore to move my body today. yuck!
i did manage to move it though and we headed over to stillwater to poke around. i love that town - super cute! on our way home though we encountered this...

really? really?


and now we're going to watch a movie. i'm going to crochet. i'm turning into my mother! not that she crochets while watching movies but she always has to be doing something which used to drive me insane! 'mom - you have to watch the movie!' and now i can't sit and watch a movie/tv without having something in my hands. ah well...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Basket Case...

oops - i meant basket WEAVE! (but when it comes to all this yarn and crocheting/knitting i think i am becoming a baseket case...sigh...)

i decided to knit - and learned some new pattern stitches. the basket weave (shown above and below - it will eventually turn into a scarf for my dad). the sugar cube. the mesh. and the seed.

it's fun until you drop some stitches but i'm learning how to fix those so all is going well so far :)

oh - and i converted two "non-bloggers" into bloggers today :) so - welcome Vija and Mia - you're gonna love it!


i feel like blogger is now complete.

ever since i began posting i've been wishing there was a way to create a playlist - and low and behold there is! i saw it in this blog and then had to go and get my own! since i found it late last night i didn't get a chance to add too much or play around with it but i will tonight (i only wish i had speakers on this computer at work!)

you can go here to create your own or just click on the link at the bottom of my playlist :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

No! No! Not Yet!

on my drive to work this morning i'm flipping through radio stations and out of nowhere here this....

'a peppermint stick for old saint nick...'

i changed it before i heard anymore. not because i dislike the song - i love it - but it's not even Thanksgiving! and i know i shouldn't be shocked - it's this way every year but it seems to come earlier and earlier each year. pretty soon we'll be celebrating the 4th of july with a christmas tree!

ah it goes.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Come Again?

my ear is really acting up today - has been for the past 3 weeks or so.

usually when it acts up like this i'll get a case of vertigo and then my ear will clear up. so far i haven't got the vertigo - which i'm not complaining about. it's the worst feeling ever! but part of me wishes it would come and work itself out. not on the weekend though - it always happens on the weekends!

anyhow - the doctors told me there was a chance i'd end up losing my hearing in my left ear and for the first time i'm actually scared it might happen. i woke up this morning laying on my right side and was unable to hear anything - except that constant 'white noise' (think of a shell being pressed against your ear and hearing nothing but waves and the ocean - but not peaceful - annoying!) that comes along with the ear thing. i asked chris to say something and i could hear him but not the individual words he was speaking. it even bothers me to hear my own voice - it just reverberates SO loudly in my ear. it's hard to explain. try cupping your hand over your ear and talking really loudly - it's sort of like that but worse.


anyhow - that's my complaint for the day. sucky suck suck suck.......

(at least the envelope stuffing has come to an end! wahoo!)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


i forgot my socks!

that darned iPod isn't charged!

i forgot a pony tail holder!

my stomach hurts!

i'm sleepy!

i'm hungry!

i just want to relax!

i have a lot of crocheting to get done!

my hip hurts!

i have a lot of excuses for not exercising....and...well...they're all completely lame. two of the above i tried to use tonight and almost got away with it. but really - all i'm doing is sitting on the couch either watching t.v., crocheting, or reading. i have no excuse not to exercise and a closet full of pants that no longer fit screaming at me to do it!

so....why i am wasting time that could be used for exercising to blog? well...i'm waiting for the iPod to charge up so i can enjoy it while i kick my fat ass into shape!

later :)


Good Morning!

Good Afternoon!

These are just a few of the greetings I say to people as they walk into my place of employment. I say them all with a cheerful tone and a smile on my face :) In return I get..............

That's right - Nothing!

People walk right on by without even so much as looking in my direction to acknowledge that they even heard me! Sometimes they look at me and have the audacity to give me a nasty look!

Yeah - well - same to you old woman!

Sigh - it's not really that big a deal I guess - but come on! How can you completely ignore a person's greeting especially when you've just walked into their building?!

Monday, November 12, 2007


the view from my treadmill is not spectacular. in fact - minus the tv (when it's on) it's rather dull. i find myself staring at this outlet as it's rather high on the wall (for the air conditioner). it seems to have taken on a personality. this tiny little face saying 'Oh!' hmmmm....

have you heard the new song by Leann Rhimes - 'Nothin' Better To Do'? i love that song. currently listening to it in fact. although it did make me hurt my hip. well - i suppose i made me hurt my hip but nonetheless.... i was listening to the song while walking on the treadmill and got a bit spunky and sassy (did i really just use the word 'sassy'?) in my walk and it got rather bouncy. i may have also waved my hands about in the air. (nerdy..i know...but chris wasn't home) as a result i think i pulled a muscle in my hip and it hurt for weeks afterwards...ouch!

this blog is turning into treadmill stories. i don't really have much else to yak about. oh - i got some new yarn today! i know...i know..i shouldn't have. but it's for this extremely cute teddy bear pattern i found. i also bought stuffing. hopefully it turns out. i'll post pics when it's done. oh! and i found this posting there (at Micheals) - Warm Up America. Check it out - great idea for using up any scraps of yarn you can't figure out a use for! :)

what else?

i'm still stuffing envelopes at work! My fingers - aside from getting numerous paper cuts - were also getting rubbed raw along my right pinky from the outer lip of the envelope. then i discovered the latex gloves (of which the blood center is littered with!) and they are wonderful!

alright - dinner is served and i'm outta here :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Poke 'Em Out!


my eyeballs are driving me insane! i woke up this morning to find them almost swollen shut and pink and watering and burning and just - well - gross. tonight after taking much allerguy medication they are no better. the swelling has gone down but they are watering and burning like a bitch :(

i'm not looking forward to waking up tomorrow for work and looking like this. argh.

on a better note i've started some new crocheting projects and hopefully they'll turn out :) i have a huge desire to make more baby things but have to concentrate on Christmas gifts right now - and perhaps using up some of my mass collection of yarn before buying more :)

and now - time for another dose of meds, my cooling eye mask and some sleep!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


when does one feel "settled"?

today i went to carrie's baby shower. it was really fun - second baby shower i've ever been to! her friends did a lovely job of decorating and making everything adorable. the food was excellent as well and the conversation was good.

what does this have to do with feeling "settled" you ask? i'm not quite sure.....

even though i had such a great time i left the shower feeling slightly off. reflective perhaps. in a zone. do you know what i mean? chris picked up on it right away when i got home - saying that women always seem to act that way after being in a large group together. it's not always a bad 'off' just off. reflective....

the shower was at carrie's friend laurie's home - it was beautiful. but it was a home. a house. she was married with a child and another on the way. everything seemed so well put together. a place for everything and everything in it's place.

there were also a few babies there. all very cute and adorable! little blankets. little clothes. and well - it was a baby shower after all - all the baby stuff! there were 2 people - including me - that did not have or were not in the process of having babies. it made for the guessing the price of certain baby items (ala The Price is Right) rather difficult (ah yes! i believe i just bought that feeding set last how much did that cost?) but it was still fun.

i don't know where i'm going with all this really. like i said i'm off...reflective and just trying to understand why - or be able to get it out in a coherent way - ya know? if only i could write like molly...

i am extremely happy where i'm at - i don't mean to convey otherwise. i just don't feel "settled"

i know that having a home doesn't make that go away. having a baby doesn't do it either. in fact i'm sure they can do the exact opposite. i just wonder sometimes if i'm letting days slip by without notice waiting for that "settled" feeling to happen. waiting. like "settled" will just one day knock at my door and say 'Here I am!'


perhaps i'm just feelings a tinge of jealousy for the home owners. the mothers. the mothers-to-be. the married women. the "settled" life.

do you feel "settled"?

Friday, November 9, 2007

Please just #@&% off......

i'm very crabby at the present moment and hope that by blogging about it i'll calm down before company arrives.....

like most people i have a check book. unlike most people my checks only have my name and under that it says 'DO NOT ACCEPT WITHOUT PHOTO I.D.'

great idea, right? most people never notice it. in fact - i've had people ask me what it means - excuse me? what? sigh.....

tonight i used my check to make a car payment. i wrote down my account number and pulled up to the drive-thru. i placed my check in the carrier and sent it away. the carrier came back with nothing in it. i asked for my reciept. the condescending prick of a teller told me i needed to show my photo ID. wow - someone noticed! unfortunately his attitude pissed me off and even though i had my photo ID i told him he did not need it.....

why you ask?

last month i had chris make my car payment for me. i gave him my check and wrote the account number on it just like today. he went to the bank and got static from the teller. he asked for the manager and he said 'it's just fine - we'll take it' and proceeded to tell the teller the same. i wasn't upset about this. it was a check with my name making a payment into an account that also bore my name. problem? no. not like he was trying to make a withdrawl or get cash back.

so i explained this to the teller and asked for his manager. his manager wouldn't take it! now i know you're probably all thinking - and with good reason - that he was just following my written orders. but it was just irritating. i wasn't trying to get money. i was making a payment for christ's sake! the check and account names matched!

so i'm just plain pissed. pissed that they would take my check from my boyfriend but not me! does that make sense? i'm also pissed becuase i've made my car payment this way - w/out photo ID for as long as i've had my car and it's never been an issue!

in the end i'll make my payment tomorrow. argh. me and my temper. i'm turning into my dad more and more every day......

i don't expect anyone to agree with me here - i over reacted but i was running late and just plain pissed at the guys attitude and at their managements wishy washy policy enforcement.

so piss off wells fargo.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


for lack of exciting things to post about (see previous blog - l-a-m-e) i'm going to copy miss molly's blog idea (well - she borrowed from this person). she just turned 28 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) yesterday and so posted 28 not well known facts about herself. i turned 27 a few weeks ago and will now proceed to tell you 27 things about myself. i'll try to make them 'not well known' facts but since i'm a talker you might have heard a lot of 'em......
oh - the above picture was taken last year (august 29th to be exact). the face i'm making goes along with the previous blog 'You want me to WHA?'
alrighty then......
27. i absolutely love love love music. the emotions it brings forth, the places it takes you, the memories it revives - it absolutely astounds me. i'd love to have a soundtrack to my life. if i ever make you a mix cd - know that a lot of thought went into it. music is personnal for me. it expresses things that perhaps i would otherwise be unable to. yeah - i just love it dearly.
26. i bite my nails. everyone tells me to stop and i think at one point i tried to. now i don't care. if there is a little hint of nail it gets bitten. i also bite my lips. chris is always trying to stop me from doing this. so far he's had no luck. sometimes i'm not even fully aware i'm doing it. it only gets dangerous if i've just been to the dentist and my mouth is numb....ow.....
25. i've been yearning to have a sleepover. all girls. junk food. cheesey movies. fun music. girl talk. games. the works. it might end up being lame since we're not all 8 anymore. but until proven wrong i think it sounds super fun. (could be influenced by the fact that 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' is playing....)
24. i have some ocd tendencies. for insistence - i'm rather fixated with the number 6. i like how the 'ix' sounds when you speak it. i also only set the alarm or microwave to numbers ending in 6. 1:06 - 26- 36 etc.
23. i - unlike molly - have had many cavaties in my life. my mouth is silver.
22. is my luck number. especially a red 22. reasons? they are rather lame and i came up with them when i was little: i was 22 inches long at birth. i was born on the 22nd. king tut (whom i was obsessed with growing up) was 'discovered' in 1922. the alto saxaphone (which i played) has 22 keys. i told you it was lame....
i took a break from this to crochet. and by break i mean...oh...4.5 hours. do they have support groups for this?
i'll continue the 27 fact countdown tomorrow - provided i'm not lost in my yarn.

You want me to WHA?

5,000 envelopes.


i know i shouldn't complain considering i really never have work to do but i can complain and so i am. the one time i want to get a project (crochet) finished and now this. poop.

let the counting for day 2 continue.






Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mother's Little Helper

not exactly sure what they are but i'm sure i could put them to use....

i've always known i have some light ocd tendencies and sometimes it's good. at other times it's annoying. today it was just draining.

i'm working on a crochet project. i noticed the border wasn't even. i undid a few hours worth of work. then i realized that i could just start the whole thing over and make it even better and that i did. so i lost 2.5 days worth of work. i'll be much happier with the end product but it's still just draining - ya know?

now if only i could put this much effort into something like my career (or lack) thereof - but i don't call myself the perfectionist receptionist for nothing.


Rockin' Socks.....









stuffing envelopes for hours on end just rocks my socks off!






Tuesday, November 6, 2007


i got up.

i "worked"

i crocheted - a lot.

it's late and i got nothing. sorry.

Monday, November 5, 2007


28 = second highest cribbage score possible*
28 = my cribbage hand :)
does it matter that chris still managed to beat me after getting this hand? as a matter of fact it doesn't. pish.
*29 is the highest possilbe score
and yes - i'm well aware of my own nerdiness.


al: 'Al'

chris: 'Hi' (can't recall what he said after that....)

al: 'Nice to meet you'

chris: 'I'm not the guy you're looking for' (or something to that effect - his memory is hazy)

shall i start at the beginning?

al franken spoke at the como park school in st. paul today. my friend kristin teaches there and invited us to come and hear him. i worked and was unable to get it off but chris (lucky duck) had the day off and went.

kristin had her cell phone off so chris headed into the office and told them he was here to see kristin - that she had invited him to hear the speaker. the kid calling kristin's room got confused and told her that her speaker was here. chris said 'no no - i'm not the speaker - i'm here to hear him - al franken.' at this the kid hangs up on kristin (leaving her very confused) and says 'there's al franken now.' chris turns around and al walks up and the above words were exchanged.

after that kristin and chris listened to him speak for about 45 minutes. after that chris came home and resumed his post on the couch (he's been pretty sick last night and today). kristin returned to her classroom only to be surrounded by a hound of students all asking about the hot guy she was seen with :) knowing that it makes no difference how you answer she just said nothing. all the kids agreed that she had a hot 'boyfriend' which we both thought was great :)

so - it was a pretty darned good monday (aside from chris being sick and all that is)

(photo courtesy of South Dakota Politics @ )

Sunday, November 4, 2007

you and me sunday driving....

this picture was supposed to be on the bottom but i can't figure out how to get it there
do you understand this?

chris and i spent the day relaxin' - it was (still is) splendid......

i woke up wanting bacon eggs toast and french toast. we didn't have any of that in the apartment. so we hopped in the car and headed to the New Louisiana Cafe in St. Paul. we stumbled upon it and february and it's awesome. the first time was a shocker - they have LARGE servings - now we know just to split - even then you're still stuffed for the rest of the day. but it's worth it :)

after eating we headed out to Minnehaha Park and took a little stroll - it was beautiful!

lean on me
i'm sure he won't appreciate me posting this but i love it!

we saw this boat on the way home - well we heard it before we saw it as it's large organ was playing! it looked awesome though and we now want to take a paddle boat ride down the Mississippi

it's been a lovely day thus far. now we're going to make some thai salad rolls and watch a movie. hope you all had a good weekend :)

p.s. i had a good day yesterday as well - i just got extremely frustrated at the computer while attempting to get photos ready for posting and just gave up before i ruined my night. technology makes me angry sometimes. (i know you all find that hard to believe...i'm normally oh-so-laid-back)