Wednesday, March 28, 2007


i. am. bored. period.

i got a headache last night and i think it was due entirely to the fact that my brain had no stimulation. it was mad at me.

i thought having some days off inbetween jobs would be a treat - and it is in a way - i'm getting a ton of knitting done - but i just feel so useless. on the other hand i've also been watching a ton of t.v. my current most watched are Top Design (which comes on soon - better hurry it up here) and The Real Housewives of Orange County (i know...i makes me sad too - but they play them back to back to back and i just get sucked in)

kristin works. chris works. they come home from busy days and i've been sitting in the same spot as when they left. not cool.(i should move from the couch to the chair just to show some movement took place huh?)

i need to pick up the pace tomorrow. i think my brain might go on strike if i don't - if it hasn't already...hard to tell in this state....

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another Bedroom

my newest bedroom home
one of my new roomies - moose

i'm back! (to the blogging world that is)

i finally made that big move - to yet another bedroom. someday i will have my own home - complete with a kitchen and living room and bathroom and all kinds of good things :)

i was supposed to move on sunday but plans changed. i found i was not nearly as prepared to move as i should have been (i'm a massive massive procrastinator!). i also found i was sadder than i thought i would be. i love duluth and will miss it a lot - especially this time of year! i will also miss my parents home - they will be moving to suburbia this summer and the house i've lived in since 6th grade will be ours no more. so all of that combined and i was a little stressed. so chris and i spent sunday driving around and eating WAY too much food (what? did you think i'd actually pack more...please...)

monday we made the move. it was 44 degrees when we left duluth - the lake was absolutely beautiful with marshmellow like fog sitting right on top of it. when we reached the cities it was a whopping (yes - i said whopping) 81 degrees! Insane and very nice! i spent the day unpacking and knitting and chatting with kristin when she got home. then i headed over to chris's to enjoy a bottle of wine - we are becoming lushes.....

today i planned on starting my job search. i don't however have internet on my computer (so i'm currently borrowing kristin's spiffy brand new one - thanks kristin!). i tried to turn on mine but the monitor is not working (and yes - i've double checked it multiple times to make sure the cords are all plugged in properly - although i'm sure as soon as i get someone to help me they will fix it with no problems...sigh....). so - due to that fact i don't have access to my resume i'll just save the jobs i find and apply to them tomorrow. then i think i'll knit. or nap. or drink some wine. it's wierd being unemployed - you become instantely lazy - or so is the case with moi.

p.s. i've found myself getting slightly carried away with these label things. ah well.....

Saturday, March 24, 2007


this photo was taken the last time i had to pack


it's one of those days when your brain abosolutely refuses to focus on any one thing for more than a fraction of a second. i still have a lot of packing and cleaning to do. but what am i doing? (well aside from the obvious fact that i'm at this moment blogging) i am sitting on my bed with a look of disgust and panic on my face staring at all the material shit that defines my life scattered haphazardly around me.

i want to get rid of it but i can't. i don't need all of it. until i opened the box and looked at it i probably hadn't seen it for years. i've obviously lived just fine without it but i can't seem to bring myself to toss/donate it.

it's one of those times where you stomach gets all twisted. you're brain refuese to function. you feel like a worthless, meaningless, non-motivated, hunk of junk.

i can't decide if i should scream, laugh, or cry. while i'm deciding i think i'll go take a shower. then i'll get my haircut. then i'll resume my post on the bed and stare.........

6 Months!

matching cars. marching coats. we are geeks.

6 months ago today I met chris at carrie's wedding (happy 6 months carrie and steve!). we sat next to one another and chatted a bit but not a lot. after the wedding we went to the bonfire down on the lakeshore. we chatted more. we ate hot dogs. we toasted marshmellows. we drank a lot of boxed wine. we looked at the northern lights. i knew i liked him and was therefore rather disapointed when the time came to go home and all he said was 'it was nice meeting you.'

the next day i worked at the candy store. i thought that maybe he might stop in as i had mentioned i would be working. i kept looking and looking but no chris. then i turned around and he was standing there! he asked if it would be alright for him to call me the next time he was in town. i said yes that would be fine. i then told him that i would be in the cities in two weeks and so we set up our first date! needless to say i was super happy! since that time we have talked on the phone every single night. we have managed to see each other whenever we had a free weekend. soon (2 days to be exact) i will be moving down the cities and we'll be able to see each other whenever we want! can't wait!

so - happy anniversary chris! i'm so happy to have you in my life - you amaze me and i love you!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Carrie is Awesome!

Knitting Bag, Bacon Bacon Dip, and Beer Bread! I'm in heaven!

Tonight was both wonderful and sad. Sad because it marked my last knitting/wine/girl chat night with Carrie (while I'm a Duluth resident at least - just because I'm moving doesn't mean this will be the last!).

Wonderful because - well - just look at the above picture! Carrie gave me the most wonderful going away present I could have asked for! A fabulous bag with red white and black (my favorite colors!) cat prints and Tastefully Simple (and absolutely heavenly!) bacon bacon dip and beer bread! That combined with the quality conversation and knitting - it was a perfect evening :)

So I guess this blog is dedicated to you Carrie - thank you for everything! Who knows where I would be right now had you not invited me to that happy hour in August! I think I can literally say that you have changed my life in numerous ways and I'm very thankful for that!

Thank you for a wonderful evening!!

And now it is time for bed! G'night!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Where is she?

Seriously - where is Marry Poppins when you need her?
I could certainly use her help right now that's for sure. I took a before picture of my room this morning before I started packing. My intent was to be able to take the after picture tonight and post them to show my progress....yeah....I could see a difference but it wasn't big enough to be bragging about. :(
I don't know how I managed to accumulate so much crap over the years or why I have such a hard time parting with it all. Damned packratiness gene......
I've thrown away some things. I've put some things in my donate pile. But for the most part my keep pile is by far the largest. Sigh....
Hopefully I'll be able to brag about some progress tomorrow. Maybe Mary will show up - although after she sees my poor finger snapping ability she might leave.....
wish me luck! 3 days to go!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Hours & Weddings!

Good Morning Paulucci Building

this machine can now be someone else's pain the arse - WOOHOO!

friday - march 16th 2007 - marked my last day as a receptionist with Michelina's. there were many things that annoyed the ever loving piss out of me but for the most part i didn't mind my job. i mean - half the time i got paid to read a book - what's to dislike? i will really miss some of the people i worked with (some of whom are shown below). i will not miss the postage machine. i will miss the fedex and ups guys. i will not miss the vaccuum nazi. i didn't think i would be sad on my last day but i found out i was. i even admit getting slightly teary eyed when sue came out to give me a hug goodbye (if you're reading this sue - i hope the chocolates are serving their purpose this week! :)) alright - before i start getting too sappy let's move on to the Happy Hour that occured after work. There were three of us leaving. Myself, Mike Bottila, and Carrie (hi!) who's last day Happy Hour got canceled by the snow storm.

carrie and chevra

chevra and steve

chevra, myself, and carrie

jen - i love this picture!

me and carrie (courtesy of carrie)

jen and i

the escapees! myself, mike and carrie

goodbye michelina's


sherri & doug spillers
march 17th, 2007

sherri klassen became sherri spillers this past st. patty's day! (Congrats Mrs. Spillers!) the wedding was very nice and sherri looked absolutely beautiful! i still can't believe she's married! she and doug met only a few weeks after chris and i met! they knew they were meant to be however and i agree.
congrats sherri and doug! i wish you many many many years of love and happiness!

i love this picture! very sherri! :)

chevra and i

the happy couple

Monday, March 19, 2007

Takeout for Two

Been awhile since my last post....well...not that long but a lot has happened since!

I am not at my own computer however, and am not able to upload the pictures from this weekends festivities! So...tomorrow I promise an update (to the whole two people who actually read this :) Hi Carrie and Kari!) - when I have access to my own camera's pictures and not just my camera phone pictures!

As for now I'm just waiting for Chris to get back from his EMT class so we can eat our traditional weekend (well, I guess it's Monday) meal of salad rolls and Pad Thai :) (and wine of course - can't forget the wine!)

Hmmm....I'm kinda bored so I guess I'll just give a hint of what is to come - Happy Hour pics from my last day of work! Pictures from my friend Sherri's wedding!

Yesterday and today have been rather mellow. I tried to make dinner for Chris - a spicy tomato bisque soup - and it turned out like it was supposed to but I wasn't happy with it. I'm not a big tomato soup fan at all but we had a really really good bowl of it at Amazing Grace and I wanted to try and duplicate it - not successful.

Today we went for a walk and I wish I had taken some pictures - it was so nice out! Now I'm just sitting here waiting to eat. I went and got the dinner and then saw that there was an Old Navy close by. Now - I really don't have money to be spending but I thought I would look just to pass some time. And I left with two pairs of flip flops (you can never have too many pairs and at 2 for $5 - could I pass them up?) I also took a chance and tried on two swimsuits. This has never been a good thing as I usually end up leaving in a huff about how bad they look on me. But tonight was different - they both looked good! I ended up choosing the black one and it's adjustable so that's good! :)

Okay...I think I'm going to go read for a bit. He should be home soon :)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Have a Seat

excuse the mess
Today I let go of something - which is pretty monumental for a self-proclaimed pack-rat. It is the couch that has been with me all 26 years of my being. I love it!
I was getting worried about it's fate due to my future lack of space to keep it when I move and my parents unwillingness to hang on to it. Luckily - my dear friend Carrie just so happened to need a couch for the reception area of her new 4 Track Films Studio! How cool is that? I may not get to keep the couch but I know that it will have a good home! And maybe when they don't find the need for it anymore I'll take it back and fix it up. Or maybe I'll have grown out of my pack-rat phase....I doubt it though :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Back on Track

Today I am proud to say that I completed my entire workout routine! 2 32min sessions on the treadmill (my treadmill is old and only goes in increments of 4min) and 3 12 round rotations of my situp/pushup routine! Woohoo!
My weight tonight was 143 pounds. My goal is to weigh 120 pounds by August 1st.
Hopefully I can keep this going!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

don't ask

if you watch Scrubs - this is funny and makes sense. if you don't watch Scrubs - well - you're lame

had anyone actually come up to me today to ask about my day - this is what they would have seen. okay - they would have seen me and not carla but you get the point....


i don't have enough time to count them....

suffice it to say that today was a very very cranky day (minus the last 4 hours) but i feel better now

Monday, March 12, 2007

Last Sunday Goodbye

Chris & I
(yes, my chin is missing but I still like it)

Cool Tree at the Como Zoo


I'm dating an incredible cook!

Just a few pictures from my weekend :)

It was wonderful - as usual :) Managed to pack in a play (Disney's 'High Schoo Musical' - very Disney but still good - my friend Brian was in it so it was fun to see him perform!), a wonderful dinner at Tum Rup Thai, a trip the Como Park Zoo and a homeade dinner courtesy of Chris! Very good - especially that dinner - doesn't the picture make you hungry?

Just two more weeks and my weekend excursions will be a thing of the past! This was also my last Sunday goodbye - very very happy about that!

What time is it?

View from by Bedroom - 6:56 p.m. CST

This whole early daylight savings thing is messing with my body. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE the extra sunlight but I'm just not used to it......

Oh - and on a Super Happy Note - I now have only 4 days left at work! Woohoo!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Immediate Results

Tonight has been set aside for knitting. My sister Amy is due at some point during the first two weeks of April - so I have decided to put my new knitting talents to use and make the baby a blanket. What you see in the picture is the yellow stripe that I just finished a few days ago. Today I started the rest of the blanket and as you can see I have not gotten very far - hence the reason to designate this night for knitting. Sure - I could be exercising - something I really need to be doing since it seems all of my chub has returned. But unlike exercising - knitting gives me immediate results - I like that.

Shipping Out

by Wilfred Bibeau

There are many pieces of art at my place of employment. Some are certainly of questionable taste. This one, however, is one that I like. It sits behind my desk at work and from that vantage point it looks like a photograph. It just so happens that the painter stopped in today. He is an old man wearing a Jack Daniels cap and is hard of hearing -but very nice. I mention how much I like it and (suprise!) he has prints of it in his car which he happily went down and got for me. So for $30 I ended up buying it. It'll be a nice thing to have if life takes me away from Minnesota one day.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!