Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Dress Shopping!

that's right - more dress shopping! below i posted pictures of the gowns i'm really torn between - opinions?

ha! kidding. kidding.....

although that bottom one is tempting.....(kidding. again.)

my mom is on her way down to visit as i type. she managed to get tomorrow and friday off of work and both days will be filled with dress shopping! (i also managed to fanagle leaving my 12pm each day! although i do wonder how they'll be able to manage without me doing my crossword puzzle book at the front desk.....)

i am very excited! i went shopping this past weekend with a co-worker of mine (she volunteered to my surrogate mother for all wedding related needs and i took her up on it :)) and think i may have found the one. so i called my mom right away and she's on her way!

alright - that is all that is going on in my neck of the woods. i'm off to play some cribbage with my sweetie until mom gets here :) more later!


Dolce said...

Personally, I want to with the sheer "naked, but not naked" dress. I think it matches the red plastic flower ring the best.

Molly said...

Oh Lord, I thought you were serious when I saw that top dress. I thought, "OK, she's been saying something about a princess dress, and I wonder how she'd look in it..." Then I looked at the second picture and sighed. I collected ugly cake pictures too.

I spent a few obsessed weeks just after getting engaged with a wedding blog that I haven't taken down yet:

carrster said...

I think the patriotic dress is PERFECT!


Can't wait to se eyour REAL choice.

KeLL said...

You are such a nut ball. Everyone knows you're going to wear nothing but a smile