Tuesday, May 20, 2008

a first (among many to come i'm sure...)

chris and i just got back from a little trip to Target (oh who am i kidding - no trip to Target is ever little) and it was there that i bought my first 3 bridal magazines. a martha stewart one, a knot one for minnesota and another minnesota bride one. i can't wait to look at them tomorrow - hopefully they'll keep my spirits up at work - and get some good ideas :)

and now for my inner squeal of delight.......



Cello Mama said...

Wahoo!!! I heard the good news on Carrie's blog and wanted to give you my very best wishes on your engagement!!


Molly said...

The Knot devoured my life for the August after Ryan proposed. Seriously. This is why summers off can be not so good... I would obsess on the Knot, planning every little detail, and a year later, I was pretty darn indifferent but pleased with the day!

KeLL said...

The Knot - Minnesota and Martha Stewart are the best!
Get addicted to the theknot.com. That was my main site when I was wedding planning!

Have fun!!