Friday, May 16, 2008

low to high to level......

oh dear god how i love this cartoon...i mean love it.

as you might have guessed it's been 'one of those days' - of those weeks!
if you read my blog you may have gathered that i don't have my dream job. i tried to find the blog where i described what i actually do and can't find it (perhaps due to the fact that i have eight million four hundred sixty five thousand labels....must work on that...along with the other eight million four hundred sixty four thousand things i should work on...). since i can't find it i'll do a recap for those of you not familiar....

there are two parts to the place i work. separate companies under the same umbrella logo. the receptionist position i now occupy was once under the control of Part A. Part A said 'we don't need this anymore' and eliminated it. Part B said 'well we can't just have people wandering in off the streets! we'll fill it.'
enter me.
i was basically hired to make sure people didn't wander in who didn't belong. problem was - a lot of people came in and all of those people had questions about Part A. since i don't work for Part A i had no clue how to answer their questions and looked like a dumbass. (update: i just - as in the past month - got a list of people i'm supposed to direct these Part A seekers too - problem is Part A recently had layoffs and so the list is now out of date. it will probably be a year before i receive an updated copy).
after a few weeks of reading books (for my pleasure - not work related) i got my first task. birthday cards! since that time i've been given other important and vital tasks like folding t-shirts. tying ribbon** and stuffing thousands of envelopes. i also have a shitload of 'me-time' to reflect on all the hard work i put into college. all that money that was spent. all so that i could have a job where they would prefer you have a GED. prefer - but not required. (this was stated in the job description i got two months ago....)
oh - forgot to mention the fact that there is a guard in the building. he used to leave shortly after i arrived at work and would arrive again when i left for the day. due a number of complications and fuck-ups that i don't have time to and don't care to elaborate on - Part A screwed a whole lot of stuff up and due to that the guard is now sitting in my tiny work area with me all frackin' day. two feet behind me. granted - the morning guard i like. he's cool. the afternoon guards....oh god. one was so large that there is no way in hell he could have 'secured' anything. he had trouble walking! (nevermind the fact that i don't think he bathed). granted he was only there one day but this is the kind of stuff i might get stuck with. starting monday i'm going to be sitting with some new mystery guard i have yet to meet. so help me god - if he's anything like fat man i will run away screaming and never come back...(you may think i'm joking - i'm not.)

so yes - as you can see the one small purpose of my job - stopping wanderers has now been rendered pointless seeing as how i have a guard breathing down my neck. i use absolutely no brain power at my job and as much as i thought i liked it or even tolerated it - i'm losing my fucking mind. these past two weeks - since the guard has been posted there all day - have been so extremely stressful. at first i thought i might get laid off - hello - who would not recognize the fact that i do nothing. you pay me to do nothing. can we say 'waste of money?'
ah but no. rather than let me go let's give me more pointless tasks. Re-enter ** - the ribbons. I was given the task of tying ribbon onto 72 books. i was then supposed to curl the ribbon into a cute bow. it looked nice - fine whatever. then i had to put them back into the box they came in. so i spent time tying and curling ribbon so they can get smashed flat and look like crap. seriously - they look like ass and they're giving them away to people. i mentioned that maybe we should try a different ribbon - that wouldn't curl and get smashed. but no - they want to get rid of all the curly ribbon and don't care it smashes. awesome - so basically you're telling what a waste of time my task is. great. fantastic. super!

ACK! Sorry - what i meant to be a short blog has turned into a monstrous rant but jesus lord almighty heaven hell and gumdrops - i'm losing my mind! i'm trying to find another job but you it's so hard to do that when you have a job already. no time to take off to interview. wtf!

so...that is why i was so stressed coming into work today that my hands were shaking. i hated being there that much. ugh.

but....lunch came along and my mood improved. for two reasons. one of them i'm keeping secret for now. the other...well...the below)

for those of you who do not recognize this band - it's The Raconteurs. jack white is in that band. for those of you who don't know - i love jack white. love him. i could go on but we don't need another ramble. the short and sweet of it is that they will be playing a concert here coming up in august. i cannot tell you how extremely happy this made me! not to mention that i just looked it up on a whim and found out tickets go on sale monday morning! can we say perfect timing? i so needed this and it turned to rest of my day - ribbon tying and all - into a smiling non-hand-shaking happy day.

so there ya go. started out on an extreme low. moved to a high. now i'm level. neither good nor bad. steady as she goes.....

that last bit was a raconteurs should really check them out!


carrster said...

Ay yi yi - Girlie, you need to find a new job! It's not worth the stress!! I will send you awesome-job-dropped-in-your-lap vibes, okay?!?

Working Girl Two said...

i am soooo with you on this. i am my office receptionist/secretary/personal assistant/executive assistant/marketing assistant/marketing coordinator/marketing manager. it sucks! i need a new job stat!

Molly said...

My job has twelve student contact days left. I'm trying not to grin so much, but I can't help the pure joy that is the summer staring at me... except I have to finish up that pesky M.Ed first. Fuck.