Sunday, April 13, 2008


I CAN BREATHE!!!!!!!!!

when chris went to pick up dinner last night he brought me some Afrin nasal spray - he said it had always worked for him. i was a bit hesitant - spraying something up a nose that wouldn't let oxygn pass hardly seemed like a solution. that and spraying anything up my nose has never really appealed to me. but i did it. it was really cold and uncomfortable at first but then....then.....HEAVEN! pure bliss. the gateways to heaven opened and i could breathe! it was - just like the cartoon* above says - more awesome than i could have ever imagined!

still feel like crap - but hey - i can breathe!

*i've posted a number of these cartoons and just found out there are from this lady :)

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KeLL said...

I discovered Afrin nasel spray in 2003 when I had my freak nose bleed and wasn't allowed to blow my nose for 6 months.
It works better than any pill.