Thursday, April 3, 2008

Into the Wild

chris and i watched 'into the wild' this past weekend. chris had wanted to see it since it came out and while i thought it looked good it wasn't something i had to see. so going into it i didn't have any expectations. that said i don't want to talk the movie up here because sometimes that can ruin it - ya know what i mean - someone builds a movie up and then you see it expecting everything and beyond and end up going 'eh.' well, i don't want you to go 'eh.' so instead i'll just leave you with a few pictures.

for those of you who did not know (like me) the story is true. these pictures are of the real chris mccandless. below is a photo shortley before his death - the card he is holding reads "I have had a happy life and thank the Lord. Goodbye and may God bless all!"

one more thing - the soundtrack to this movie is fantastic (in my opinion). i bought it for chris's birthday back in december but didn't really listen to it until afterwards when you have all the visual and emotional ties to it. it's great. listen to it :)


Dolce said...

I want to see this! I'm a big Sean Penn fan and he wrote and directed the movie.

patrick said...

McCandless's story is tragic, but then so many people have benefited from hearing it... a couple of years of hitchhiking and camping made a story that now challenges thousands (millions?) of people to reexamine their lives