Saturday, April 12, 2008

that's right.....

i'm sick.

my week went as follows.......

MONDAY: i wake up to find the room spinning round and round. YAY VERTIGO! (sarcasm...) i throw up. the room continues to spin. i throw up some more. i sleep pretty much the whole day.
TUESDAY: more vertigo! YAY! begin to curse U2 - no one who has ever experienced vertigo would ever write a song about going there. sleep all day.
WEDNESDAY: i go to work. throat hurts. body aches all over - it hurts a lot. as evening falls my temperature rises. i go to bed with cold packs and frozen berry bags on my head.
THURSDAY: i am a moron and go to work. throat hurts. body aches even more - lower back especially. i am boiling hot. i'm freezing. my neck hurts. i can't breathe. i am boiling hot. i get my period - can it get any better??
FRIDAY: screw work. throat hurts. can't talk. can't breathe. can't move neck. lower back still hurts. i have insane cramps. i feel sick. sick. sick. sick.
TODAY: still can't breathe. can't talk. getting an extremely annoying and painful cough. oh..and more cramps. my eyes are also watering constantly. it's freakin' awesome! i should attempt to venture a target trip for a nasal decongestant......

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