Friday, April 4, 2008

yet another rant....

that whole theory of natural selection is completely bogus. technology and lawsuits have prevented nature from taking it's course. instead of dying off stupid people are breading en masse - creating more stupid people.

don't believe me? sit with me at my job for a day. sit with kari at her job for a day. stupid people are everywhere and something really needs to be done about it before i completely lose my mind. i've never had much patience and now i'm bordering on having none. hiding that look of disgust is getting harder and harder with each passing day.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I just found your blog recently and liked it immediately because I was a receptionist for about 2 1/2 years...and yeah, I can totally relate to this rant. Now I listen to my friend who has my old position rant about how much she hates it.

People are stupid, and unappreciative, and lazy. And the worst part is that you're expected to be this happy, cheerful, helpful person at the front desk. Ugh.

TGIF, huh?

Vibajiba said...

In this case it is more than just the public that walk through the door it's most of the co-workers as well.

KeLL said...

I can completely relate. I just had a man call me and ask if we can print poster size. We can't. I told him where to go, who he should talk to, etc, etc. A few minutes late, an admin called wanting to know the same thing. She has someone on the other line asking. I told her what I the first guy.
The man calls back 5 minutes later, asking me the same question. I gave him the same answer.
Just because you ask 3 times, doesn't mean the answer is going to change!