Friday, July 20, 2007


i don't have a real intent or purpose for blogging today. i just felt that an update was in order. i left on a rather low note and don't want the few people who read this to think that i've slumped off to wallow in my depression.....

i feel a LOT better.

the day after writing that blog was tough (i started to type 'tuff'. sigh....) i had another bout of crying. poor chris just sat patiently with me as i attempted to explain my situation (again). it helped me to verbalize what i was going through. i felt like i understood myself better afterwards. i can't say the same for chris - but i think he understood - not why i was crying - but that i was determined to not continue on that path.

since then i've felt good. i've gone back to curves.* i got back onto the treadmill. i started my sit-up routine. i started hula-hooping again. i can feel the difference already. not so much in the way my body looks but in the way i feel mentally. i have a sense of accomplishment that I want to keep up. it's hard to start the exercise again - my body is not used to it. but it will get easier and pretty soon it'll look forward to the routine. :)

so that is where i'm at. tonight i'll go to curves again. i'll do the whole treadmill/sit-up/hula-hooping bit. after that...well...i'm having a rather nerdy desire to go the Barnes and Noble Harry Potter Party. i don't have anyone to go with though. this hasn't stopped my mom who plans to go by herself :) perhaps i'll do the same. i did order the book and it's scheduled to arrive tomorrow but i want to start reading it tonight! :)

alright. back to work. and speaking of work that is another area that i'm going to be more positive about. i really shouldn't have complained about it so much. it was the depression speaking. although i don't have a lot to do i like my job. i like that have big chunks of time to enjoy a good book. or do research on the internet for a business i might want to start someday. so no more complaining. (maybe :))

*curves. i love curves. i think it's a great place to workout. i'm not a fan of the gyms. big burly men grunting and skinny girls all dolled up trying to pick up the grunting men. curves provides me with a safe place to work out. just women. usually older. all there for a common goal. i like it.

that said - since moving from duluth i have tried 3 different curves. the first was really nice. it was spacious and had a lot of machines that i hadn't used before. it was also pretty empty which was also nice. my problem was the owner. she was very nice but insisted on sitting in the center of the circle and chatting with me. that would have been fine (although chatting while working is not a favorite thing of mine) except that it was extremely awkward conversation. that combined with the location prompted me to try another curves.

this curves was located right next to a subway. no one wants to smell food while they're working out. ick. shortly after i started there though they moved to a new location - closer to me which was great. but the vibe was still the same - just kinda...ick. i didn't like being there. i didn't feel welcome. not only that but they didn't have very many machines. the new location was much larger but they didn't add any machines. it was annoying. but the final straw came this past wednesday when i went in and the lady working talked non-stop to the other woman there. all about her the birth of her grandchild (in way too much detail). and just on and on about a whole lot of stuff I didn't care to know - especially at the volume with which she chose to tell it! then she left to go get subway! what? you work in an exercise facility - you are extrememly overweight - and you're going to go get food to chow down in front of others? not only that but you're going to leave your place of employment while there are patrons there? i'm still debating sending a letter of complaint to the owner. i found it completely rude and highly highly annoying.

yesterday i went to the curves in woodbury. it is very much like the curves i left in duluth. warm. welcoming. friendly. i love it! and i look forward to going there tonight :)

sorry about the rant. now that it's off my chest i can let it go though.

p.s. Welcome to my blog Audrey :)

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carrster said...

yay!! Good to hear you're feeling better! I'm glad you found a Curves that suits you better too. :)