Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Potter Nerd

I am a Harry Potter Nerd.

I have my pre-ordered (of course!) tickets to the midnight showing of 'HP and the Order of the Phoenix.' :)

I along with my co-worker Mia, her friend Susan and my "roomie" Kristin are going. Kristin is actually on her way over with a Papa Murphy's Pizza to watch 'Goblet of Fire' - which she has not seen. (she also hasn't read the books - something I'm trying to change). I even purchased some snacks - yummy Violet Crumble for the chocolate likers - and HP gummies for Kristin to enjoy during the show :)

I'm rather suprised at how quickly my nerdiness came to be. I didn't want to buy into all the hype even though everyone including the Aunt who used to not let her children trick-or-treat because it was evil bought into it. I started out just seeing the first 3 movies. Then I finally gave in and read the books - which I loved! Now I'm off to my second midnight showing. Not only that but I've named both of my pets after HP characters - Albus and Minerva! Wow...

All in All it should be a good night! :)

And did I mention that I have a slight crush on Ron Weasley. I don't feel so bad saying that anymore seeing as how he's legal and all now. But saying the word 'legal' makes me feel rather pedophilish so....hmmm....


K-dog said...

Ah! Me too, all of it, including the crush part! But I have to wait until Friday to see it...:(

carrster said...

I love nerdiness!

I actually have not seen ANY of the HP movies, can you believe it? I have read all but the last book (well, not including the one that's about to be released) so I guess I've fallen behind. Sounds like a fun night ahead! Or wait was that last night? AT any rate - hope you have/had fun. :)

Molly said...

We love HP in our household too. Ryan convinced me (finally) to read the books after the 3rd one came out (his mother has first editions of all of them because she is a young adult book lover). I've even worked at a bookstore when the 4th, 5th, and 6th (Kelly, remember the unicorn?) book came out. It's going to be strange not doing so this time!

KeLL said...

I'm going to see it Sunday on IMAX in 3D!!!
I started getting into it when I started working in the Kid's Deptartment at a book store. I started right after No. 4 was released. I read the first 4 quickly and them impatiently waited for the next fix.
I haven't gone so far as naming my cats after characters (crazy...love you Michelle).