Sunday, July 22, 2007

Potter Party Pictures!

Kell Bell and I

I wanted this shirt!
(the front said 'Weasley is our King!)

Costume Contest
These were the winners.

Love the View!
This woman decided to stand herself right in front of me so I could have a nice view of her ass. How kind!

Blow Fishes!
After wondering around for a long time we decided to plunk ourselves down. This was rather dull so we entertained ourselves :)


We are both supposed to be cross-eyed but Kelly goofed. As a result I look deranged and she looks high.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
that's all I got

These girls decided to show everyone a skit they created. It was...uh...well...interesting. sort of. i guess. but not really.

The Reaction
This is how Kell Bell and I felt about the "performance"

I Believe...
Although I'm only on Chapter 9! I may be proven wrong. I hope not though. I love Alan Rickman! I can't believe I'm only on Chapter 9! I was sick yesterday though which took away valuable reading time. sniff.

Back Support
Kelly and I just happened to plunk ourselves down in front of The Sex Bible. She had a silver wrist band which allowed her to get her copy first - I took this picture to keep her company in line..and to entertain myself. While I was waiting for her to return a group of girls (dressed as Death Eaters - but somehow I don't remember Death Eaters wearing ripped up garbage bags...) clamoured around me and started to giggle over the book shown above. One of many comments I heard..."Ewww! I would never do that! Would you??" they also picked up some copies but no one could be dared into actually opening it. I found it all hysterical myself :))

Oh the Excitement!
Kelly - as I mentioned - was the first to receive her copy and free poster. I was jealous.

Waiting...and Wating...
When will they call the PURPLE wristbands!?

The Line
finally at around 12:40 a.m. or so they called for the Purple's :)

At Last!
Oh the Excitement!

Ready to head home!
We were up WAY past our bedtimes :)

A fun time was had by all :)
Thanks for going with me Kelly!

And with that I leave you with one of the more memorable quotes heard during the night (by a girl returning to her group of friends after she struck-out in the Harry Potter Spelling Bee)


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