Friday, July 20, 2007

Potter Party!


that's right - i'm going one step further in my Potter Nerdiness - i'm attending the Harry Potter Party at Borders (or Barnes and Nobles - whichever is best)!

i hadn't planned on going. my mom mentioned that she was thinking about going - alone :) . then mia mentioned that she was going. then i got the urge to go. granted i already ordered my book and it's scheduled to arrive in the mail tomorrow - but when i get an urge i want it fulfilled NOW. i didn't have anyone to go with though - that is until Kelly said she would :)

so in about an hour or thereabouts i'm off to the Potter Party with KellBell :) It should be a nerdy night and i'm very much looking forward to it. i'm also looking forward to a completely uninterrupted day of reading tomorrow!

as for the book i ordered - i'll just return it :) that is if i can even get a book tonight...guess i'll have to see :)


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