Friday, August 3, 2007

and then there was 1


friday is nice. after 1pm both donation centers have closed and i'm usually left to my own devices. mainly listening to the radio (oooo! they are playing 'Have Mercy On Me' by Loretta Lynn - from Van Lear Rose - the album Jack White produced :)) and reading.

right now i'm reading Reading Lolita in Tehran. It's good thus far - especially having just finished Lolita. I've gained some more insight into Nabokov writing style and it's really very interesting....(although I could use some French lessons...)

it's still so surreal - having something like that happen so close to home. i haven't seen the site yet but will be heading over that way tomorrow. i just can't even begin to comprehend......

hmmm....not sure what to say after wondering down that path of thought.....

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Molly said...

I used to give regularly (after Kelly had her massive nose bleed), but the last time I gave, it was a terrible experience. My arm turned blue because the nurse did not loosen the whatchamacallit, and I had to be flipped (this is the third time that has happened to me). So I've been afraid to go by myself since then, in case I need to be driven home. My dad and I went together sometimes too, which was a nice way to bond. I need to find somewhere in Red Wing and get Ryan to go with me, I think. Then, I can feel a little safer, and it can be a bonding exercise for me and him! (Because, as you know, we need bonding exercises. Ha!)