Thursday, August 23, 2007

what a waste

this morning's topic: sprinklers

minnesota - up until this past weekend has had a scarce amount of rain. practically none. most people's (and i admire them) yards were dry and brown. then you had those people who had lush lush green lawns - sprinklers on at all hours - half of them watering the street and sidewalks. these people make me angry. especially the people who own a set of business spaces (that have yet to be occupied) across the street from me. their lawns are always (at least every time I've driven by - morning and night) getting watered! do they not understand the concept of conservation? to me - a watered lush green lawn amidst a drought does not make me think 'pretty' - it makes me think 'what assholes would waste water like that?'


this morning on the way to work i saw something that just dumbfounded me. since this past weekend we have been getting a lot of rain - things are getting green naturally! yay! that has not stopped the assholes mentioned above from continuing to water their lawns - while it's actually raining outside! honest to pete......

what a waste.


carrster said...

I went home over the 4th of July (to Austin) in a MASSIVE storm....and when we got their the townhome assocation's sprinklers were on. Stupid.

We have had nary a drop of rain while you are getting it all down there. *sigh* Our lawn is very very dead, crunchy brown and there's NO WAY we'll water it. What's the point? KENTUCKY BLUE GRASS is not native to NE Minnesota anyway!!!

The weeds, however, are thriving (and green, I might add...)

KeLL said...

My next door neighbor watered her lawn during the rain storms.
Her lawn is molding....