Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Insurance Schminsurance!

there's no other way to put it.

i am an idiot.

i started my job the last week of May. I had until August 1st to sign up for health insurance (really good health insurance btw). Did I do this? Of course not! That would have required some amount of brain activity to occur.....


Having realized my ghastly error I attempted to call around and see if it were possible to get this problem fixed (it wasn't). This was frustrating - especially when you are talking to people who treat you like a moronic 2 year old. But...seeing as how this whole mess was my own doing...and seeing as how I did show the mental capabilities of a moronic 2 year old...I squashed any anger I felt (at least outwardly...I felt like CRAP on the inside...)

Then my co-worker came down to give me my break - I told her about my stupidity. She then provided me with glorious news - our place of employment is switching health care providers (to make it the same all across the board)! This change will take place January 1st and open enrollment will begin in October! I'll have insurance! Granted - I could have had it already but waiting 4 months is WAY better than waiting an entire year!

So - I'm relieved. Very relieved. And you best bet I won't be missing this new deadline!

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