Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

(i actually typed 'Halloween's a bitch getting old...)

Here are some pictures from my Halloween baking adventures :)

First off we have Almond Bars with a dyed orange frosting to make them more festive :) They turned out fantastic! Just as good as Chris's sister made them! (Unlike the sugar cookies - she gave me the recipe but I'm still convinced she left out an ingredient just so that hers will always be better.......kidding of course...) I found the recipe for these delicious bars here.

Next up were the Scary Eyeball Cookies! I was incredibly pleased at how easy there were and how cute they turned out! Big hit! :) The recipe for these can be found here :) Enjoy!

*(I used the brown Reeses Pieces for the pupils instead of the Butter Finger BB's)

And here is the proud Girl Scout with her cookies :) (the vest is mine as are all the badges...)

Hope y'all had a great Halloween!!

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carrster said...

aren't you cute? I was going to be a pregnant girl scout this year, but we didn't do anything so I stayed in my sweats. Ha!