Friday, October 5, 2007


ragged jagged random jumbled mumbled thoughts for this day - the 5th of october

i like sipping the last of the bailey's from my recently acquired maker's mark glass. i feel cheaply fancy

i despise people who forget or choose to ignore the fact that their car came equipped with a turn signal

i like the who - you better you better you bet.....

how does one - fantastic sams to be specific - charge $18 for a 1 minute bang trim and eyebrow wax?

i'm still kind of down after watching 'John Lennon vs The United States of America'

ellen degeneres is fucking hillarious and i love her

buying a bag of york peppermint patties in hope that you'll 'just have one for dessert a day' is a dumb idea

eating vegatables is good. being gassy is not.

not being able to go to curves and workout because you're afraid you'll kill some helpless old lady from your above mentioned problem sucks

dressing your pets in halloween costumes is cruel but also hillarious and makes me laugh. a lot.

i love thunderstorms but not when you have to get up and leave for work in them.

i think crocheting is super fun.

i think being disorganized is super not.

feeling like an ass for forgetting your friends birthday isn't fun. feeling like an ass for blogging when you could be calling her - just plain laziness.....

realizing your bailey supply is almost gone is sad

receiving a friends freshly printed poetry in the mail tied up with a string makes me feel happy

i absolutely cannot stand rush hour traffic and am blown away by people who waste a goodly portion of their lives sitting in it

blemishes are extremely icky - as are the other words used to describe such defects - the "p" and "z" words. ick.

not being able to fit into any of your pants is depressing.

ram jam's 'black betty' makes me smile

i think people who cannot manage the task of making a turn going above 5 miles an hour should have their licenses revoked

i think the dmv should be charged with highway robbery - tabs should not cost $193.50

does anyone else think it's odd that a girl would choose to work in a store that never carries her plus size pants on the rack - making her constantly order from the catalog?

woman have eating disorders becuase clothing stores constantly change the measurements for their sizes. give us back our waist and leg length!

hm - after writing the above two items 'fat bottomed girls' came on the itunes.coincidence?

i'm super excited about going to the Bayfield Apple Fest tomorrow

i found some old lipstick and tried it on for fun. think i'll stick with the chapstick.

sorry this is so random - but it's about all i can manage at the moment.

"fat bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round...."

i'd really like to have one of those things from Star Trek: The Next Generation - the panal in the wall where you request something (food or drink) and it appears. More Bailey's please!

i love how listening to a random mix of songs can bring back so many memories. "cause i'm just a teenage dirtbag baby...."

finding out another of your friends is pregnant is awesome!

listening to your own biological clock get louder and LouDer is not.

allergies are in no way fun.

this is probably getting rather long. perhaps i'll go crochet and watch t.v.


carrster said...

Mmmmmm, Baileys....

And I think you look hot in lipstick. :)

KeLL said...

Hey! Some of us choose to sit in rush hour because living in the country is worth the drive.
I can see the stars! And we never hear sirens. I can leave my door unlocked all day and no one would enter my house. We have left our garage door open on accident, but we know our neighbors will watch out for us, as we do for them.
I love hearing the cows mooing in the morning. And rooster one field over. And smell of the farm. It's a hundred times better than the smog of the suburbs.
You can't find that living in the city.

michelle said...

That may be but I'd rather have those extra hours (that add up to months and years) at home with my pets and friends than sitting in my car! So there! :)

And sirens are a part of your life when you're dating a fireman so it's okay with me :)