Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Knitting Again

i'm knitting again :) (and strangely enough also reading a book called knitting)

another co-worker stopped by my desk with a skien of yarn (purple again - seems to be a thing..) and wanted me to make the scarf show on the label. i said sure - then noticed it was knitting. i thought i'd have a hard time picking up the needles again but it was easier than i thought and i'm glad i did it - opens up the crafting world a bit more.

the scarf doesn't look like the picture on the label but i've begun to notice that these projects rarely do. oh well - it's super soft and thick and i'm liking it. i'm not liking the fact that the yarn has already managed to work itself into a clusterfuck or the fact that i'm a tight knitter despite desperate attempts to avoid it. other than that it's going good.

but i'm still stuck on a price. this project is something that requires home time as the yarn - pulling from both ends - is too much of a mess to have at the desk. so it's taking up my time. am i sounding snotty? i don't mean to - i love doing this. i just don't know how much to charge when people ask me...ideas? please

so yeah - the world of crafting in michelle land is going splendidly :)

i'll start posting some finished product pics along with some patterns (or links to them) soon (well - maybe after the holidays as some of them might be gifts...)


carrster said...

Hmmm, I've never charged for anything so I'm not much help. I think typically I would underprice my stuff.... maybe you should check out and see what things are going for over there...?

Molly said...

Go look on etsy, like Carrie said.

Also: that yarn was the same I used for the blanket in Eireann's auction (which went for a little over $200--CRAZY!). It was a huge blanket and took me FOREVER.

michelle said...

Thanks for your help ladies :)