Tuesday, October 9, 2007

question: hats

as you may have noticed from previous blogs i have started to crochet. yesterday a coworker asked me to make him a hat - i told him to bring me the yarn and i'd whip one up. he brought me the yarn this morning (a beautiful soft purple chenile) and i proceeded to whip him up a hat complete with ear flaps - in about 4.5 hours (i have a lot of spare time at my job...).

he was very pleased and asked me what i owed him - i had no idea - it was only the 2nd hat i've ever made (the first one i've ever completed). so i told him he owed me nothing but to make sure he wore it and told everyone where he got it :) (and that then i'd start charging) that he did - people came up telling me how beautiful the hat was. i told them i'd make them one as well and to just bring me the yarn....

...but what should i charge? i don't mind doing them for free but if more and more people come i'd like to earn some extra mulla - any ideas? i have absolutely no clue.....

thanks for your help :)

oh - and if you want a hat or blanket or washclothes or scarf - let me know :)

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K-dog said...

If I were you, I would price similarly styled hats at places like Target and subtract the cost of the yarn involved (a few bucks if it's only one skein). Granted, they won't find a handmade hat not made by poor children in a third world country for that cheap, but I think that's what I would do.