Thursday, October 11, 2007

i like my job

if my mom's reading this (hi mom!) i bet she thought she'd never here me say those words :) but it's true - i like my job.

granted i have cranky days - who doesn't. and i'm sure if you pay close attention you'll hear me complain more than praise - but as a people - we are more vocal when something has gone wrong rather than good. it's just a fact.

so i suppose that's why i wanted to write this blog. so the next time i'm having a cranky day i can read it and remind myself that it's all good.

i work with some wonderful people. everyone seems to be on that same level of understanding - we get each other. we can joke around with one another. i love that i work at the front desk and not tucked away in a cube. i like seeing everyone come and go and interacting with them all. i love it when people stop by to chit chat.

and let's be honest - i like the fact that i can crochet at my desk :) who wouldn't :)

so yeah - it's all good. the only minor frustrations today have been non-work related. not being able to open the packaging around the Midol pill I so desperately needed - childproofing has gone too far. or people who used to have my job and keep popping up at unexpected times and annoying me - okay so that one was work related. but there are two departments in the building i work at and the 'like' part refers to my department. that person came from the other side.

alright - back to my crocheting :)

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