Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The "Makes-Me-Want-To-Shower" Man

you know what i'm talking about.

every once in awhile you encounter that one person that just leaves you feeling slimy. like you have gross dirty tub scum film stuck all over you. like you need to shower...NOW!

if you're lucky it's only a one time thing. if you're not (me) this person continues to show up - week after week. they have to as part of their job. they do not - however - have to talk to you each time. they do not have to keep telling you they're there in case your relationship doesn't pan out. they do not have to sing "michelle ma belle" each and every time they pass.

ya know? ish. icky. nasty. gross.:[[shivers]]:

In other news:

I may have mentioned awhile ago that my parents took in a renter. It was wierd. She was wierd. She was rude. She had no manners. It was awkward. She refused to help around the house. She helped herself when she should not have. She finished other people's puzzles. She ignored repeated requests to help out with the shoveling. She backed into the deck rail and broke it and said nothing!

But...(drumroll please!)


Mom kicked her out (GO MOM!)!

I doubt she'll ever find this little blog of mine - but even if she did - who cares. She should know what an inconsiderate little terd she was. She took advantage of my parents hospitality and I'm glad she's gone :)

So...in the words of dear family friend - 'YOU ROCK MOM! YOU GO GIRL'!

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Vija said...

I know exactly what you mean. Yuck! You can pick up the phone and call me when he comes in that way he can't talk to you. Or just pick up the phone and pretend you're talking to someone.