Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Trees, Cats, Babies, Lights & Snow...



we have decorated the tree. aunt fran was kind enough to give it to us and i love it :) it just gives the room a special warm glow. i just absolutely love christmas! there are no presents underneath it yet as i'm afraid the cats will tear the paper to bits. so far they've behaved themselves in regards to the tree - i think this is due in part to the fact that chris litterally shook the tree and made it growl (pre-ornaments of course) whenever they came near it :) it was funny.

in other christmas news - everyone's presents are going to be late. i work christmas eve and chris works christmas day so we're spending the holiday here. i haven't had time to finish all the crocheting and such either. ah well. i'm not going to stress.


the cats have gotten used to their new home. i have more pictures to post but thought these were cute. minvera is a t.v. kinda gal. i have a feeling is she were a human she'd be a bonbon eating girl who watched her 'stories.' in this particular picture she is watching 'Survivor Man' - she jumped off the couch to go sit right in front of the tele. it appears that survivorman is watching her as well :)

both cats love sinks. and showers. they won't sit in a cat bed but they love the sink. go figure.


Congrats to Carrie and Steve on their baby girl - Dahlia Marie :)

as soon as I heard those words 'It's a Girl' i called chris and told him we were going to duluth! she is absolutely adorable! just look at the above picture - she looks like a doll! (ignore the fact that my lips look purple....)

seeing her made me want one SO much! i cannot imagine what an incredible experience it must be to go through all that and then hold them in your hands. WOW. chris is handling all of my baby babble very well though - thanks hun :) (doesn't he look cute with the wee one :))


there is a house in duluth that every year puts on free light show. i've never been until now - it was really cool! tons of beautiful lights. a fire pit to roast marshmellows. mistletoe. hot cider and cookies. and pictures with santa! of course we had to get one :) although santa called me a 'cake eater' - wtf? :) (cake eater - for you non-duluthians - is a term given to those of us who went to school on the east side of town. the schools surrounded my mansionis - although i never knew anyone who lived in them...)


before heading out of town we stopped down by the lake front. it was cold (if you couldn't tell...). we ended up having a snowball fight. chris turned his head right when i threw mine - it got wedged inbetween his face and his sunglasses. oops! it must have been a sight seeing me try and run and not fall with him chasing after me....

we though the below picture was amusing. camo doesn't work so hot in the snow fella's....

and that was our weekend. i should go. almost time for bed and chris wants to play cribbage :)

***ack! look at the font! every time i freaking press enter it changes on its own accord. it also has to put everything in italics. it is driving me batty. does anyone else having this problem. every single time i blog. enter - change font. it takes me about five times to get to the one i want. for istance - right now it says i'm typing in non--italics arial. bull. arrrggghhh.....

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KeLL said...

Michelle, My favorite cake eater, Love the post! You look so natural holding little Dahlia!! (hint hint)

I love that Chris made the tree growl. I laughed out loud when I read it (my coworkers turned to stare.)
And you're little furrballs are adorable.
Keep the pictures coming!