Wednesday, December 12, 2007


i fully admit to hating reality t.v. i also fully admit to being a hypocrite and loving America's Next Top Model. that being said.......

i was sad to see jenah go home. especially after being told by Miss 'OMG GOD!' that she wasn't the kind of person she would want her little sister looking up to! ouch! i agreed with jenah - you don't have to go forth spewing rainbows to be a positive person. people who do spew forth rainbows are good for about 5 minutes and then you want to throttle them.

anyhow - after jenah got sent home i left the room and only returned to see who one. i didn't really care since i wouldn't have picked either one (although i did like saleisha - anyone but chantal) but having invested myself in a whole season i felt i should at least see who had become America's. Next. Top. Model. (thank you Tyra - i would have forgot the name of the show had you not reminded me 8 million times)

so there ya go. my 2 cents worth. what are yours?

oh - and in other news. i'm not better yet. this morning i had a rough go of it and as a result my eyeballs feel like they are encrusted with salt :( but i'm working on it. in fact - chris is going to go workout with me right now. i want him to kick my ass. it needs to be kicked. hard.

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