Saturday, December 22, 2007

Up Yours!

that's right - Up Yours! - and it's directed at that bitch i just dealt with....
honestly. i know it's the holidays. everyone is stressed - especially those having to work and deal with crazy customers. having worked retail for a number of years i completely understand this. it is why i go out of my way to be polite and nice to workers when shopping and i expect to have that treatment returned - especially when i'm spending a good deal of money.
i don't want to be talked to like i'm 5. i don't want to be told how part of my gift sucks. perhaps if you didn't charge an ass, arm and a leg i wouldn't have had to do the work myself! (and for the record i was pretty impressed with my handy work considering i'd never done it before!)
i'm already stressed. the house is still in moving shambles. the baking is not done . the presents are not done. i'm fat. yet i am attempting to make the best of it anyways. this bitch just pushed to my wits end. had i not felt like crying i would have personnally told her to shove her attitude where the sun don't shine and to crawl back into her hermit shell where she belongs. also - that the 800 years of smoking she's been doing have done nothing for her looks or her annoying voice.
ugh. i'm trying to let it go but seriously - some people should really really really just fuck off.
** and for love of fucking pete - when i put spaces in between chunks of writing i expect them show up and not mush it all together.


carrster said...

oh dear! Sorry you are stressed!!!

KeLL said...

I want to know what this woman said to you. Kick her!!


To get the breaks, use "< br >" where you want a line break. (but without the spaces. Blogger thinks I'm trying to do a line break.)

michelle said...

Thanks :)

I know you do that on MySpace and such but I hadn't heard of it on Blogger. The thing is it usually works when I just hit the space bar. It just chooses to work when it wants.