Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another Bedroom

my newest bedroom home
one of my new roomies - moose

i'm back! (to the blogging world that is)

i finally made that big move - to yet another bedroom. someday i will have my own home - complete with a kitchen and living room and bathroom and all kinds of good things :)

i was supposed to move on sunday but plans changed. i found i was not nearly as prepared to move as i should have been (i'm a massive massive procrastinator!). i also found i was sadder than i thought i would be. i love duluth and will miss it a lot - especially this time of year! i will also miss my parents home - they will be moving to suburbia this summer and the house i've lived in since 6th grade will be ours no more. so all of that combined and i was a little stressed. so chris and i spent sunday driving around and eating WAY too much food (what? did you think i'd actually pack more...please...)

monday we made the move. it was 44 degrees when we left duluth - the lake was absolutely beautiful with marshmellow like fog sitting right on top of it. when we reached the cities it was a whopping (yes - i said whopping) 81 degrees! Insane and very nice! i spent the day unpacking and knitting and chatting with kristin when she got home. then i headed over to chris's to enjoy a bottle of wine - we are becoming lushes.....

today i planned on starting my job search. i don't however have internet on my computer (so i'm currently borrowing kristin's spiffy brand new one - thanks kristin!). i tried to turn on mine but the monitor is not working (and yes - i've double checked it multiple times to make sure the cords are all plugged in properly - although i'm sure as soon as i get someone to help me they will fix it with no problems...sigh....). so - due to that fact i don't have access to my resume i'll just save the jobs i find and apply to them tomorrow. then i think i'll knit. or nap. or drink some wine. it's wierd being unemployed - you become instantely lazy - or so is the case with moi.

p.s. i've found myself getting slightly carried away with these label things. ah well.....


carrster said...

HEY! You were supposed to CALL ME if you guys were still in town on Sunday night....REMEMBER? Hmph


michelle said...

Sorry! I was kinda in a poopy mood - you wouldn't have wanted to be around me :( Think we might be able to meet up for dinner this weekend?