Monday, March 19, 2007

Takeout for Two

Been awhile since my last post....well...not that long but a lot has happened since!

I am not at my own computer however, and am not able to upload the pictures from this weekends festivities! So...tomorrow I promise an update (to the whole two people who actually read this :) Hi Carrie and Kari!) - when I have access to my own camera's pictures and not just my camera phone pictures!

As for now I'm just waiting for Chris to get back from his EMT class so we can eat our traditional weekend (well, I guess it's Monday) meal of salad rolls and Pad Thai :) (and wine of course - can't forget the wine!)

Hmmm....I'm kinda bored so I guess I'll just give a hint of what is to come - Happy Hour pics from my last day of work! Pictures from my friend Sherri's wedding!

Yesterday and today have been rather mellow. I tried to make dinner for Chris - a spicy tomato bisque soup - and it turned out like it was supposed to but I wasn't happy with it. I'm not a big tomato soup fan at all but we had a really really good bowl of it at Amazing Grace and I wanted to try and duplicate it - not successful.

Today we went for a walk and I wish I had taken some pictures - it was so nice out! Now I'm just sitting here waiting to eat. I went and got the dinner and then saw that there was an Old Navy close by. Now - I really don't have money to be spending but I thought I would look just to pass some time. And I left with two pairs of flip flops (you can never have too many pairs and at 2 for $5 - could I pass them up?) I also took a chance and tried on two swimsuits. This has never been a good thing as I usually end up leaving in a huff about how bad they look on me. But tonight was different - they both looked good! I ended up choosing the black one and it's adjustable so that's good! :)

Okay...I think I'm going to go read for a bit. He should be home soon :)

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carrster said...

I was wondering what happened to you! :) When're you back in Duluth?