Monday, March 12, 2007

Last Sunday Goodbye

Chris & I
(yes, my chin is missing but I still like it)

Cool Tree at the Como Zoo


I'm dating an incredible cook!

Just a few pictures from my weekend :)

It was wonderful - as usual :) Managed to pack in a play (Disney's 'High Schoo Musical' - very Disney but still good - my friend Brian was in it so it was fun to see him perform!), a wonderful dinner at Tum Rup Thai, a trip the Como Park Zoo and a homeade dinner courtesy of Chris! Very good - especially that dinner - doesn't the picture make you hungry?

Just two more weeks and my weekend excursions will be a thing of the past! This was also my last Sunday goodbye - very very happy about that!

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carrster said...

sounds like a fabulous weekend! And that pic of you & Chris is very cute indeed. :)