Tuesday, March 4, 2008

another addiction...

yes. another addiction. knitting/crocheting books. it started out with those handy little stitch guides for $3 at joann's. then chris's mom bought me a felting book. then i bought a few small baby books at michael's. last week chris took me to a 1/2 priced book store - bad idea. well - not bad really - i got $75 dollars worth of books for $25. bad in that i want to keep going back to these stores and buying more!

at the moment i'm really into the 'hand knits for the home.' it's got a lot of nice patterns - and ones that will incorporate the sewing machine that chris got me for christmas :) i've got a lot of projects on my plate right now - a lady at work just ordered about 11 scarf/collar type garments for her choir group and she wants them done by april! that's good though - i like to be busy doing something i love!

and speaking of which - i'm going to back and knit some before it's time for bed. i'm also going to be watch the campaign coverage (fingers crossed!!)


Molly said...

I'm so glad to see that you are breaking down under the pressure of Blog365 too... I know that's not what you want as a comment, but I've been thinking about taking a little blog break myself! My poor brain is fried with all this grad school nonsense.

michelle said...

yeah. i didn't mean to slack but then i missed one day and it turned into a few and by the time i sat down to back blog i couldn't remember what i'd even done - or think of anything to blog about period.

ah well - it's just blogging, right?

Molly said...

I keep thinking I don't have anything new or interesting to say... I'm really straining here. :)

Yes, just blogging!