Saturday, March 1, 2008

today was good

today was really good. i didn't do a damned thing.

well, i did - but not the things i normally think/feel i should be doing. usually i feel the need to exercise, clean - do something that everyone generally views as productive. when i normally attempt these things though i never feel satisfied. i didn't enough exercising. i didn't do enough cleaning. etc. etc. so today i woke up early (9am is early for me on a saturday when chris works) and had ice-cream for breakfast. then i read my book for book club for awhile. then i took out my fancy yarn and knitted for a few hours while listening to my ipod (although i eventually had to turn it off when i found out that my brain could not sing along and count at the same time and i ended up having to take out 2 complete rows - i despise reverse knitting). i did attempt some cleaning - but it was because i wanted to and not because i felt i had to. i didn't get very far but i was pleased.

when chris got home we ran a few errands and got some pad thai for dinner (this after we just talked about how we should not eat out so much). then we watched the tele. i knitted. he called his mother. we played some cribbage. and now we're going to bed. we don't go to bed this early on weekdays!

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carrster said...

sounds like a perfect day!