Monday, March 3, 2008

i LOVE the beatles

the weight loss challange ended today. i lost nothing (and gained nothing - which i guess is good in a way). the girl who won lost 4 pounds. 4 pounds! it's kinda sad that we had this challange going from september until now and the most any of us lost was 4 pounds - and she was already skinny to begin with! ah well. i've lost some inches and still have hope. i want to lose the weight by june. i want to enjoy my summer - perhaps even wear a public (and not just in fron the mirror and getting depressed...)

on a brighter note - a coworker of mine got back from his two week long vacation to vegas. when he told me he was going i told him that he had to see LOVE for me. he didn't go to the show but he did bring my back this awesome t-shirt! he also said i didn't owe him a thing (since i made him a hat for nothing awhile back - my first hat ever). so that was incredibly cool and it brightened my day a ton :)

and other than that - it was a monday. chris and i are about to go watch the second half of the first LOTR movies. i remember not wanting to see the first one - i hated (or thought i did) anything having to do with sci-fi/fantasy. i ended up loving them though. :)

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Dolce said...

I LOVE the Beatles. After reading your post all I wanted to do was book a Southwest flight for $60 to Vegas to see the show.