Tuesday, March 25, 2008

iCrap update

wow. i kind of hate iTunes right now.

i tried to do it their way - solve the problem via e-mail. the only problem was that it wouldn't let me send the e-mail without an order number and hello - you didn't give me an order number you crap heads. instead you charged me for a cd 3x and put no record of the purchase attempt in my purchase history so.....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! i then proceeded to call Apple tech support - just for the sake of getting a human being. i tried not to be angry on the phone as it wasn't this poor woman's fault. i did a good job considering she kept me on the phone - most of it on hold - for 40 fucking minutes! then i got transferred to some guy in India who asked me what problem i was having with my iPhone! iPhone!?!?! so - i explained the situation again and he told me just to put 'na' in the order number space. gee - thank you! it only wasted 40 minutes of my day....

so - i sent the e-mail to them (explaing everything and why i didn't have an order number) only to come home and find an e-mail in my mailbox from iTunes saying that they would love to help me with my problem but that i forgot to include my order number and that for them to proceed they would need that. WTF?

i wrote back AGAIN and stated about 3 times why i did not have an order number. how many times does it take for them to understand this?? evidently a lot as when i came home they said that they showed no record of my purchase. that i should contact my bank about these charges. that perhaps the charge needed to be authorized before i would get my purhase. WHAT?

for crap's sake iTunes - you fucking charged me 3x for a CD that i did not recieve. i'm sorry that it didn't show up in my purchase history but it clearly showed up on my bank account. i highly doubt that my bank is going to deauthorize it - especially considering it's TCF and they also suck. perhaps iTunes should actually get an actual phone number.

ugh. i'm p-i-s-s-e-d off.....just in case you missed that part.


carrster said...

Ugh -that sucks! Keep on TCF. I'm sure they will reverse the charges. Banks are actually surprisingly good about THAT sort of thing...shocking but true.

KeLL said...

Wow. I feel your frustration. I almost want to stop using iTunes out of protest for you (but then where would I get my music?!)
I agree with Carrie. Since iTunes is too silly to fix their own mistake, go to the bank.