Monday, April 16, 2007


at my last job i had a radio at my desk that was always tuned into MPR/NPR. i felt that was i up to date on the goings on in the world around me. then i moved and was unemployed and lost touch with the outside world. so i was shocked when i finally turned on the news today and saw the devastation that occurred at virginia tech. 33 dead. 33. it is something so unthinkable. how do you even begin to wrap your mind around something like that?

i continued to watch and learned of the bomb scares they had had earlier this month. the school responded with a lockdown. this made sense to me - as i think it would make sense to anyone. what completely shocked me and has me outraged is the fact that at 7:15 this morning two students were shot and killed in a dormitory on campus. how did the school respond? by sending out an e-mail saying that it was under investigation.

a fucking e-mail? someone threatens to bomb the school and you lock it down. but someone comes and murders two of your students on campus and you send out a fucking e-mail? where was the lockdown? had a lockdown occured perhaps the shooter would not have been able to gun down 21 out of 25 students in a german class two hours later.

who the hell cares if you thought the shooter had left campus. two of your students were murdered - there should have been an immediate lockdown. the administration at virginia tech and the local authorities should be held accountable for this incredibly asinine decision making. it just absolutely blows my mind........


carrster said...

I share your outrage and am deeply upset & troubled by today's activities - WTF? And where are the details on the shooter? I am thinking that there are a few neglectful people out there who are freaking out about now!

carrster said... much for daily posting??? Where'd you go?!

michelle said...

i'll be back this afternoon :) don't fret! :)

carrster said...