Thursday, April 19, 2007

a walk in the park

today was absolutely beautiful! the skies were clear! the breezes were warm! it was fantastic! chris and i took nattie for a walk in the st. croix state park - we just got passes for the parks yesterday (with a deal of buying your second pass for only $10 chris bought me one as well :) isn't he a sweetheart?).

i wish i were a great writer. i can never fully get across exactly what i mean to. some writers can just take you and drop in a place - so much so that you really feel like you're there. seeing the sights. smelling the smells. i cannot do that. i wish i could though. i've decided that i don't have a favorite season - although if forced to pick i'd say fall - but i more enjoy the changing of the seasons. right now spring is on it's way. buds are on the trees - green things are sprouting up all over the place. and the smell! i wish i could bottle it up - i love it! it's strange how strong a memory trigger scent can be. just on our walk this morning i was taken back to sixth grade camp (remember that Kari?) and girl scout camp, 4-h camp - it was awesome! i love the sound of the leaves crunching underneath your feet. i love the sound of the birds chirping. i love feeling the breeze on my skin. of not being able to see any cars. any people. any reminder of the suburbia that surrounds the park. i just love it.

i've included a lot of pictures to let you enjoy it to - too bad the blogger doesn't come with a scent attachment. hope you are all enjoying the changing of the seasons as well :)

chris and nattie

my favorite picture of the day
old railroad ties along the st. croix river


blue skies - smiling at me. nothing but blue skies - do i see

the only semi-good picture of myself

chris and i holding hands - again...i'm still a dork :)

st. croix river

creek bed

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