Sunday, April 15, 2007

Burrito Bliss

i love chipotle!

i love it even more today! i went it to purchase my yummy lunch and found out that if you bring in your receipt tomorrow attached to the burrito tax form you get one free! and that applies to purchases made both today and yesterday - the two days i happened to buy my lunch there :) (please refrain from making any pig references...thank you :))

so i get two free burritos tomorrow! (aren't you jealous sue?)

hmmm...that was a rather lame post. but it's only 1:30pm and I'm trying to post daily....what else happened today?

kelly came over to see if 'The Log' (her puppy Logger) would get along with Moose as I wanted to dogsit him the week that kelly is on her honeymoon. there was a lot of butt sniffing and running around but they seem to get along perfectly which is great!

i realize more and more each day that i'm down here - with moose, nattie, and the log - that i'm becoming a dog person! weird.....

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