Friday, April 27, 2007

snapping out

i had no sooner gotten off my bummed butt from writing the previous blog than my phone rang. it was a request for a second interview! one for a job that i really hope i get! not only that but as soon as i hung up the phone from that call i got another call to set up another interview for another good job!

so - i'm snapping out of my bummed mood! and i'm off to exercise!



carrster said...

so glad to hear that some brightness is coming to your day! Maybe you just had to say outloud how bummed and feeling like poo you were! Keep me posted on the outcome of your 2nd interview!!

michelle said...

you know i think saying/typing it did help. i hadn't blogged in days and it just kinda felt all piled up inside. now it's out and i feel better. i love blogging :)