Saturday, April 28, 2007

aloe vera please!


i'm burnt.

it sucks.

my dumbass plopped herself down in the backyard to read all afternoon. i wasn't too worried though - i have had yet to actually tan since moving to this great northern state nearly 14 years ago and i've only burnt twice in my whole life - both times involved water. and it was a beautiful sunny day - i didn't want to waste it. after reading chris and i took moose and the log to the dog park - more sun. (i also got a flat tire - damn screws in the road) i didn't see how burnt i was until i got home and looked in the mirror! i think my exact words were 'holy shit!'

needless to stay i've learned my lesson. my arms are glowing. they are hot. they hurt.

anyone got some aloe vera?


carrster said...

GAH! That sucks! You gotta be careful, girl!!!!! I have a lovely aloe vera plant sitting on my piano. If you weren't so far away you could come over and have some.... USE SUNSCREEN!!!!!

michelle said...

i know! trust me - i won't be without it from now on! any sunlight on my arms just hurts right now - so i'll be spending the lovely hot day inside :(

K-dog said...

Oh dear! I have a whole huge pump bottle of aloe vera...if only you lived a little closer...

But I can commiserate, at least. I, too, have had my first burn of the summer. The first of many, in all likelihood, no matter how careful I am. Hopefully, with any luck, we will both be looking somewhat toasty in a few days.