Saturday, April 14, 2007

Welcome Max!

Here he is! I realized that I had not given my sister my new e-mail address and had therefore not received an e-mail with pictures! (that or she was shunning me for forgetting her birthday...again...I'm awful about such things!)

To give you a quick summary here is what the e-mail said :)

He was born last Friday morning in the wee hours, coming in at 7lbs 12.7oz. (3.5kg) and was 20 inches long.

He's doing really, really well. His first hobbies are: sleeping, eating and pooping."

I thought that summed it up nicely :) I wish I had photos of my own to post but I am sadly too poor to be taking any trips. My parents, however, are leaving tomorrow to visit and will return with many more pictures that I can post :) So enjoy!


Soren checks out his new baby brother along with Papa Chrisptophe

and once again...max...enjoying one of his favorite hobbies :)

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