Monday, April 9, 2007


flattering? no. true emotion shown? yes.

no - not 24 the annoyingly addictive t.v. show.

24 as in 24 days without employment.

yes, it is now day 24 in my quest for a job and things are not looking too hot. granted, i have not been out there looking in a way that anyone other than my slacker self would notice - but that doesn't matter.

what matters is the fact that after making a car payment today and realizing that i will really be in danger soon of not having any money i have begun the job search at full speed. it has been annoying thus far (hence the ugly picture).

all those helpful job listing sights are really really really REALLY annoying. i don't know how many accounts i've signed up for or how many log in names and passwords i've forgotten about. each job listing wants you to sign up for it's own account to apply - because god forbid they give you an e-mail, address, or phone number to contact them with.

i did manage to find one job listing that i was qualified for that gave me an actual e-mail address. so i applied for it. i think tomorrow i'm just going to suck it in and apply at some retail stores - i NEED money. starbucks offers insurance for part time - something to consider.

more updates to follow......

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