Friday, April 13, 2007

Here Comes the Sun!

It's been awhile - but the sun finally decided to return. Well, it might have returned yesterday but I was too busy being lazy inside to really notice.....

I did, however, make it out today and it was gorgeous! Chris and I took Nattie for a walk. Nattie belongs to Anne but her and her family are out of town this week and so Chris is watching her. She is adorable and so well behaved - she makes this cat lover want to get a puppy!


chris and nattie

nattie sniffing out her territory

sun shining through the pines

chris and nattie

holding hands - had to include one cheesy picture (sorry chris!)

and once again...chris and nattie

So there is my day thus far. I'm looking forward to taking more walks with her! Much easier to handle than Moose - we tried to take the both of them for a walk yesterday but Moose just went ape over seeing Nattie! He was way to hard to control so we had to nix it! Hopefully Moose and Kelly's puppy Logger (yes - it's a weird name) will get along better as I hope to take care of him the week that Kelly and Richard are on their honeymoon. We'll see.....

For now I'm off to enjoy my egg salad and do some more job hunting - wish me luck!

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