Thursday, April 19, 2007

a night out

mary and i in all our tongue-ie glory

it's not like i haven't had the time for a 'night out' - but i don't have the funds to really justify driving across two major metropolitan cities and then to buy drinks on top of that. but seeing as how every time mary came to duluth i was in the cities it was high time we see each other!

mary lives in st. cloud but was in the cities tuesday night to visit her sister becca (hi Mary and Becca!) so we all met up at figlio's in uptown. i love love love figlio's. not so much becuase they have outstanding food that you can't find anywhere else - but they're presentation of that food is awesome - so i love going there. and it just so happened to be happy hour - which did not stop me from ordering a sugar mama martini - not on the happy hour list but absolutely heavenly. i forget all that's in it but i know it has vanilla vodka, pureed strawberries, and champagne. it is awesome. try one.

becca and jordan

after the martini i decided that i really needed to get a piece of cake - red velvet! mmmmm! very tasty! and big - that piece of cake was massive and i had help in eating it :) all in all it was a really good evening! it felt good to get out! and it was wonderful seeing mary! hopefully soon i'll have a job and will be able to afford going up to st. cloud to visit her and kevin :)

red velvet heaven w/strawberry ice-cream

becca and i eating the cake
i don't know why i have that look on my face

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