Monday, April 9, 2007

Pretty in Pink

kelly's gift. the gift registry had been emptied and so I went on a pink spree

since i have not blogged in awhile and have received complaints from my (two) readers (hi Carrie and Kari!) i thought i would post my third blog for the evening . here are some pictures from the past two weeks activites - aside from the last picture they all revolve around my dear friend Kelly and her bridal shower and bachelorette party :) (hi Kelly and Molly!)

big pink tin full of pink stuff for kelly

me and kelly

kelly and her bows - very happy/tipsy

----the story of the missing hair dryer----

once upon a time kelly's best friend molly came to visit. she left her hair dryer there. kelly never bothered to tell molly this. molly searched and searched for the hair dryer. bridal shower day comes. kelly opens AWESOME red hair dryer (if you're reading this and want to buy me something - i want this). kelly is very thankful saying that the one she has reaks of burnt hair. kelly thinks for a moment and realizes that this stinky dryer belongs to molly and tells her. molly is stunned that kelly has had her dryer for years. kelly returns hair dryer to molly - who doesn't really want it anymore. it was funny in person at least :)

molly and kelly with new AWESOME hair dryer

molly and kelly with the smelly hair dryer

here comes the bride

the wine selection


picking out expensive martini's

the millenium hotel

show at comedy sportz

they brought kelly on stage to play cassanova

kelly and her peepsicle

kelly - aka 'the panty bandit'*

much fun was had at both parties. i am very very happy to be living closer to kelly :) can't wait for the wedding!!


weekend in willmar

awesome bag that chris's mom made and then gave me - i love it!

i'm getting tired at the moment and shall therefore right more about the weekend in willmar tomorrow. (hint: it was wonderful)


K-dog said...

Yea! A post by Michelle - er, THREE posts by Michelle! You just made my sucky Monday with the added bonus of stupid Hamilton City tax forms to fill out (I swear to god, who writes the instructions for those things?) much, much better. And now I need to go to bed in a major way. Good luck with the job search!

carrster said...

I second Kari - it's ABOUT TIME!! :) Good to get caught up on your fancy Minneapolis life. I'm digging your hair - very cute. Did you get it cut recently?!

And the Willmar update....? I'm going to Willmar this weekend. ha! Too bad it wasn't the same weekend you were there!