Tuesday, February 12, 2008

.access denied.

so my place of employment finally caught on to this little thing called the blog. i'm suprised it took them this long - no wait. i take that back. i'm shocked they did it this fast considering that anything having to do with computers there takes for-fucking-ever! (sigh...)

i understand the principle behind blocking sights such as this - who wants to pay people to read blogs when they should be working? they key words there being paid and work. i would say all of the employees get paid to work - i on the other get paid to crochet/knit/read/twiddle my thumbs. as exciting as that may sound it gets rather dull. i'd actually like to have more work (unless that means stamping thousands of papers - that sucks!) to do but i don't. and so to break up the day i check my blog. i read other peoples blogs. and now i can't. access denied.

we are not in pre-school here people....cut the restrictions. if someone isn't getting their work done - fire them. but if they are doing a great job and just so happen to read a few blogs over the lunch hour or during a slow time - who the crap cares, right? pish....

ah well. i'm not really crabby. not even really annoyed. just thing it's rather ridiculous is all - ya know? on a different note - I'm Sore! very very very very sore. it's a good sore though - haven't been sore from a workout in a long time so at least i know it worked something.

despite the soreness i did the second video tonight - cardio party. i managed to do most of it - the rest of the time i just shook and wriggled and waved my hands in the air like a moron because i could not keep up with their moves! they had the advantage of being on a slick wood floor whereas i was on not-slick carpet - making some of those position changes near impossible without dislocating a knee joint. but i feel good and that's what counts. luckily tomorrow is a rest day - i'm not excited about how sore i'll be tomorrow. especially when i sit all day and then stand - painful painful painful. makes me wish i had one of these - i heard about them on NPR today. too bad they cost so much - work would never go for it. sorry - acess denied.


Vija said...

I too am very sad for the lose of the blogging option at work. I tagged you on my blog.

carrster said...

Oh that sucks!! Sorry to hear that you are blocked from blogging at work.

I think that walk-along desk would drive me bananas!!