Sunday, February 17, 2008

day 2 of hell.

day 2 of hell and i'm still here. i feel a ton better although due to reasons that i won't go into (i'm not that disgusting) i didn't do much today.
i ate ice-cream for breakfast. (yum!) i made an emergency trip to Target to pick up cat litter supplies as the cats destroyed and/or made a mess of their current ones. made another trip later in the day to get even more stuff. we got the wrong litter on one of our last trips and it does not clump the pee - disgusting and SO smelly! so we got the right stuff along with a plug-in air freshner for the bathroom (thank god!). i bought a lot of Valetine's day 50% off items - my favorite being these red heart shower curtain hooks. they add the finishing touches to my bathroom that has a yellow (cheap plastic because the kitties will claw it) shower curtain and red bath mat :) i also got the cats a new Easter placemat for the food bowls along with 2 Easter food dishes. i know they could care less but I love doing it and the stuff is only a $1.99 - how can i not?
aside from spending too much money at Target i finished the second bear! (i'll have these christmas - yes christmas - gifts in the mail by Tuesday! wahoo!! i'll post pictures then :)) other than that - not a whole lot. very relaxing.
and now it's time to go whoop chris's butt in cribbage. (don't be too jealous of all the excitement in my life now....)

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KeLL said...

You're a Target Clearence Lovin' Fool! I love the sales too!

And there is nothing wrong with buying your kitties holiday bowls and placemats. They may have a need to be festive!