Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Introducing Lieutenant Christopher!

Chris has been made a Lieutenant at the Fire Department!!

He's been one for over a month now (since the New Year) but his swearing-in ceremony was tonight and so I waited to post about it until now. Here's how that went.....You may remember the
post from his first swearing-in ceremony (as a firefighter). The ceremony itself went great - the pictures on the other hand...the ones that took were blurry and as soon as I got about two the camera died on me! I was bummed - he looks so handsome in a uniform (and out of one - wait - that sounds bad....)

Tonight I came prepared. I brought not one but two cameras! I arrived there early and no one was there. Eventually Chris and a few fellow firefighters showed up and we realized the ceremony started an hour later! Not a big deal except for the fact that Chris was on call starting at the same time (meaning he had to have his pager on and if a call came in he had to leave that instant). Everything was going fine - except for the fact that one camera died on me! I checked the batteries before leaving too! (I think the camera might be broke...) I still had one though and it worked. We sat down and the ceremony began. Chris and some others were the very last part of the ceremony. Literally as soon as the announcer walked up the podium to call them down Chris's pager went off! Out he ran. Kind of a bummer but understandable of course. I thought I'd get a few pictures of the remaining guys anyhow and turned on the camera only to find that it had died on me as well! Seriously....

As I sat there though I noticed the Public Safety banner located on the stage. On it were a collage of photographs - and low and behold one of them was from Chris's first swearing-in ceremony! And here it is :) So at least I have one good one (even if he did close his eyes :))


carrster said...

Congrats Chris!!

Holly said...


KeLL said...

Yeah! A man in uniform and a badge! Lucky Michelle!

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