Monday, February 4, 2008

Donkey Style in '08

(did i really just type donkey style? i apologize.....)

here at the home of m&w we vote democratic - even the pets (even if it's against their will....minerva is secretley a very conservative right wing republican - hence her head shake of 'NO!' at having to wear the shirt in the picture below)

i'm not saying that i'll always vote democratic persay - but the state of things right now leaves me no choice. not that i've ever voted republican - but the party itself is not really evil. bush has wacked it out of proportion and in my opinion basically created his own party of Bushies. i'm sure you all know one or two or a few.....

anyhow - i don't feel like digging around in that muck. i told you i'd tell you the story behind that picture from yesterday's post and i shall....

during the last election i signed up to volunteer with the democratic party. almost as soon as i got home from doing so they called me and asked if i had access to an suv. i didn't by my parents did - so they asked me if i'd be willing to pick up cate edwards from the airport. sure! i picked her and her assistant man (forget his actual job title) up and took them out to grab a bite to eat. as we ate they went over last minute poll findinds, statistics for the state of mn - etc. we talked about politics and how crazy their lives had become. half the time they had no clue where they were at.
afterwards i drove them to a press conference and then off to their hotel. the next day i watched her introduce her father at a rally held at UMD. and while i didn't get to meet her farther personnally i did get to shake his hand. all in all it was a pretty cool experience :)

perhaps i should sign up again this year and maybe i'll pick up chelsea?

p.s. i know how extremely mean i am for dressing my pets up. i never mean to really but then i see things (like the above shirt) and just can't help myself. i should also mention that i got one of the last democratic shirts - there were a TON of republican ones left. but perhaps that just means republicans are nicer pet owners......


KeLL said...

An IT guy at work threatened to "stab himself in the neck [with a pair of scissors] if I voted for Hilary Clinton".
I don't know who I am voting for, but it won't be republican.
He became very angry with me. Almost getting in my face. Yelling about various issues and whatnot.
Very annoying.
I hate it when people tell me how I should live, vote, or worship.

michelle said...

i do too. i just want people to vote period. ya know?

i really don't get the whole ABCer's - (anyone but clinton)

oddgirl said...

I'm voting for Jesse Ventura.