Thursday, February 21, 2008

crap it

i'm crabby. again.

i really don't know what is wrong with me. i'm exercising. my visitor has left. things with chris are fantastic. things with my family and friends are great. but for some reason i am just craptastically crabby.

perhaps if i get off my chest things that have been bothering me it will help. so.....

i got to stick labels on and stuff 500 envelopes. tomorrow i get to sticks labels on and stuff 700 more. that sucks. and spare me the 'some people have it worse - you should be thankful' speech. we've all been in the crabby place and we all know how fucking annoying it is to here it. if i had a job cleaning toilets then that would suck too and i'd probably bitch about it. but for the time being i'm wasting my brain power on sticking and stuffing envelopes. i am so glad i went to college for this. i'm so glad that they required me to have at least 3 years experience for this job. i mean really - what would i have done had a i not gone to college!? i would have never been able to stuff an envelope or write happy birthday (they teach you how to do that when you're a sophmore in college btw).

people who feel the need to speed everywhere they go piss me off. drive the god forsaken speed limit. not only are you putting your life in danger but you're also putting my life in danger. i could care less if you're late for your job - get up earlier and slow down!

people who use up a handicapped parking spot due to their weight problems should not be eating fast food and Mt. Dew every single day for lunch. i understand that weight is a tough issue for a lot of people out there and that sometimes it's not all your fault - but must you stuff your mouth with BK and pop daily? eat a salad and take the stairs.

perhaps someone who runs this place (the apartment complex i live in) should be concerned about the fact that whenever the washing machines are going on the 2nd floor they vibrate objects in my apartment (which is not directly below it). i can't see how that's good for the foundation not to mention the fact that it's annoying.

people coming in to take an English Comprehension Exam should not even have to ask me if the test involves reading and writing IN ENGLISH. dear god.

hmph. i don't really feel that much better. in fact my shoulders tensed up while typing that and they hurt. a lot. sigh...

alright - i'm going to go finish the movie chris and i are watching. hope you're all having a better day than i am. hopefully my mood improves. to talk to me you wouldn't even really notice the crabbiness but it's just there - inside. :(


Vibajiba said...

I feel like I should try to help. Maybe you really should look for a new job. No, I'm not saying I want you to leave I am just saying I want you to be happy.

michelle said...

i've thought about it but it'll just be the same old crap at a different location. big corporations are big corporations. and besides the next job might not have such awesome co-workers - then what would i do to keep myself from going completely batty? :)

KeLL said...

You need to find a new job. One that stimulates your brain.